Junior Stocks and Shares ISA

Is there any chance there will be a rollout of a Junior ISA anytime soon on FT? Would love to transfer my son’s Stocks and Shares ISA to FT so that he can benefit from compounding dividends thanks to your fractional shares option.

Let me know! Thanks

It’s on their radar but apparently not super high on the list of priorities.

Regarding the JISA, by ‘not super high on the list of priorities’ do you mean it might not be release anytime this Year?

Hi Shaid, and welcome!

You can check out the “Building Freetrade” page, to see what features are currently in development. They have 3 categories: Features just shipped, Features they are actively working on, and features that they are gathering information on. If you take a look at that you’ll see JISA is not listed anywhere, so while this might be an oversight by the Freetrade team leaving it off the list, it is unlikely to be released before any of the listed features.