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I think Dilutions are terrible but i thought reverse splits you dont actually lose out because cost per share goes up at same ratio as the split. so you lose x amount of shares but cost per share goes by x amount. So total value stays the same ? Apart for remainders , i think they get lost.
Or i may have misunderstood the concept, totally possible!

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Anyway, tomorrow should be interesting following the photo tweeted today.
Kicking myself i didnt buy in a few months ago when it was lower.

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Tui had a reverse split… i lost 70%, im still learning as i should have sold before when it was 20% up.
Guess ill hold it…


Set a limit order to sell my nibs if it reached 0.90 and woke up this morning to find my nibs are sold.

For those that don’t know. Nibs is what i call the extra bits over a round number.

I like round numbers but i always like to have some nibs so that i can sell them at milestones and not break into my main holding.


Glad to see im not the only suffering from share number ocd
I sell nibs as soon as there are any !


Oh i have it bad. I try and do it in increments but if the sp changes and i don’t end up with a whole number i have to buy more to get it right.

Dealing with nibs is the only way i could rationalise it to give me some peace.


Problem with FT is you cant buy exact number of shares or can you? … you always end up with nibs… then i have to sell them

I too deal with nibs.

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I just round it up :man_facepalming:t3:

i sell and round down… one day i will be able to afford it and join the round up elite

Limit orders allow you buy whole shares but nibs are good too.

kicking myself for not holding more from back when it was under 0.0025.

kodal has really been a great investment so far though, got my money-weighted rate of return to 186% and time-weighted rate of return to 245% since I started investing back in 2021.

hoping everyone else gets success like that soon!


Feeling hungry for cacao nibs for some reason

I wish i could to.
Im planning to sell my tiny position tomorrow to buy back into TM1 . Unless anyone has an idea if we are due funding rns tomorrow? Ideas anyone?

Knowing my luck, the 2 shares ive been following for ages, will land the long awaited rns same day.

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Stop-loss executed after massive drop this morning. Oh dear.

Anyone know whats going on?

Nothing mentioned about Kodal in the news, I suspect that as the price has been pretty static for a few weeks, individuals have decided to take their profits, then possibly the subsequent dip in price has either triggered stop losses or spooked people. Provided everything goes as planned with the investment, I can imagine the price picking back up at the end of the month.


So is this good news or bad? Always throws me when the overall news seem positive, but “deadline” is used multiple times…

@MikeyP247 I took the news to be positive overall. Whilst this is, I believe the 4th extension, they report that the majority of the requirements have been met.

The release of $3.5m last month to me shows that there is some confidence in the deal completing. Once completed I am hopeful that work on building the required infrastructure can move at some pace, fingers crossed the mine will begin operation as soon as possible.

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