Landore Resources (LND) - Share Chat

There is also a proactive 1 to 1 will Bill next week for anyone that is interested.

Apparently, the company has said they expect to release the next batch of results ahead to this event. So I guess anytime from now until next Thursday.

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Extended Q&A with Landore board. Please tell me if there is a mining company listed on AIM which has a greater disconnect between assets, relative to market cap because i cannot find it.

Short summary

  • Makes it crystal clear that there is NO need for any further fund raises for another exploration drilling campaign later this year. And there is no need to ask major shareholders to convert warrants.

  • Will be looking at a two pronged attack on the battery metals and gold come October time

  • The battery metals are worth as much as the gold

  • Aware of the v. undervalued nature of the company and may consider director buys on open market

  • Marketing campaign imminent

  • Lots of people interested in the company (you could tell they were not trying to say to much here, very interesting_

  • Although would not sell on the cheap, which includes the current values!

  • Also confirmed what we suspected - large buys past few days.

I also think we can also expect a TR-1 imminently looking at the monster trades the past few days, we have a large seller equally matched by a large buyer.

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Just finished watching myself. Nice summary, that along with the notes you posted a few weeks ago, really does make a compelling investment case.

Grabbed a few more shares this morning, and as Bill concluded at the end, I think we will see dramatic increases in the next 12 months. I have almost certainly allocated an irresponsible part of my portfolio here, but this, in my opinion, is the opportunity to bet big when you think you have the best of it. Shouldn’t be too long now until we find out if we are right!


More great results announced.

A shame the updated MRE looks to be pushed back into Q4 this year, but should hopefully be close to doubling the oz of gold compared to the previous MRE (1moz).

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