List New Stocks Added

Just been thinking, it would be great to have a list of what stocks are added and when. So we can see what companies are new when we’ve been away from the app for a bit.

Maybe a static webpage with a list in date order, or a dedicated twitter feed to tweet out live as they’re added, or even a sticky thread here that only staff can edit/reply to.


A stocks wiki?

Hi! Is there a list anywhere of ALL stocks you can trade in Freetrade?

The Discover tab of the app has the full list.

The Stocks Universe can be found here:

I find it easier to use than the app as it’s easier to search, plus you can filter on ETFs, ISA eligible etc.

Edit: I forgot to mention, you can also see the newest stock additions here: Stock additions 🤳.


Thanks both, might make a copy and add live stock price to it too!

Nice idea! Some of the community have experimented with Google Sheets here before: Google Finance portfolio tracking.