List of Currency-Hedged ETFs

Hi there!

Is there a list of all the ETFs on Freetrade that are currency-hedged anywhere?

If not, can we use this thread to make a list?

I think it’d be mighty useful, considering GBP has risen 7% on USD in the last 2 weeks.


You can just search for ‘hedged’ in the app and it shows all of them.

Done that. It missed off a bunch.

EQGB didn’t show
SUUS didn’t show
GSPX didn’t show

There are probably more…

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Actually, looking into it, there are loads more.

There are even some that are currency-hedged, but it doesn’t say so in the description.

If there is no actual list, or way of searching them on FT, I might spend some time today creating one.

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It would be handy to be able to filter securities by things like this.

For now, I’d suggest cross-referencing with JustETF which suggests there are about 144 GBP hedged ETFs available:

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