List of USA stocks

Hello, Just wondering if there is an up to date list of what is on freetrade. A USA list would be nice but just a full list will also be ok. Found Freetrade Securities Universe - Google Sheets
But not sure if that is the full list.

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Looks like a full list to me. Freetrade over circa 620 stocks as of this moment.
Make sure you take any filters off… it’s annoying when that happens!
Then filter it yourself by currency… not entirely accurate but it’s a pretty good list of the US stocks then available

Then you could search around for a stock if you can’t find it…

or if you already know the ISIN (say, iShare Gilt (IGLT) has an ISIN IE00B1FZSB30) then you could jump straight to

to see a live picture of who has that ETF/Share on their platform


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The most up-to-date list is always linked from here: Stocks to invest in - 6,000+ US, UK and European stocks to buy. We’ll update all related links soon!

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