Live Nation Entertainment - LYV 🎸

hopefully Freetrade will add this stock as LN have been buying up everything recently and I think have a reasonable share price currently.


PLEASE add this. There is nowhere else I can buy it with low fees.

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Any word on adding this stock?

Ticketing industry is a duopoly or an oligopoly

Live Nation/Ticketmaster has been servicing fans and scalpers/touts—there’s money to be made if you sell one ticket twice, amirite? One of its main rivals is AXS.

Because shareholder value.

And ticket prices for our favourite shows and festivals have been going up.

And just like that, LiveNation has a market cap of $15 billion, as the music industry is “suffering” because of the internet… actually, it isn’t, as the revenues are up and up and up, according to the data.

Some people had enough though

LiveNation is under investigation, by the way:

Although the agreement is nearly a decade old – and is due to expire next July – it’s been back in the spotlight over the last year. Partly because of a big New York Times article about allegations of anti-competitive behaviour that have been made against the live giant. And partly because of debates in Washington over the US ticketing market.

Allegations of anti-competitive behaviour were at heart of the original lawsuit filed against Live Nation by ticketing start-up Songkick. Had it got to court, a long line of complaints about the conduct of Live Nation – from competitors large and small – would likely have been aired. However, in January Live Nation settled with Songkick while buying up a bunch of the start-up’s ticketing platform assets (the better known gig recommendations side of that business having already been sold to Warner Music).

That hasn’t stopped Live Nation’s critics from chattering about the company allegedly abusing its market dominance. Especially in the US, where Ticketmaster is particularly dominant and exclusivity deals are common in the ticketing business. Among those critics is Live Nation’s biggest rival AEG, which has invested in its own ticketing platform called AXS since Ticketmaster merged with its main competitor.

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And that’s why I don’t go and see live music any more.

There were some tour tickets released last Friday for an artist I thought might make a good show. Got into the site first thing that morning, and was immediately turned off by the fact that they essentially started at over £100 and noped the heck out of there.


Any update on adding this stock? It’s been on my watchlist for nearly a year

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Hey :wave:

We are planning to add lots more US stocks in the not so distant future, if this can be added then we will definitely look to get it in the app! :+1:



Meanwhile, maybe someone might already be buying $LYV shares on eBay and quickly reselling it on Gumtree :rofl:

Bump for this. Looks like it could maybe be a good time to buy now

Currently down 6.69%. Would be keen to buy in to this stock now!

Any update?


I’d like to see this on the application too. Would definitely like to purchase at this time.

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Hey @sampoullain, do you know if this will be included in the next US batch of stocks?

I would love to jump on this while it’s trading around $30

Yes, it’s on the 250 list.


:raised_hands: amazing, I’ll keep an eye out for updates on the 250 more closely from now on then! :eyes:

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Surprised it’s only 20%