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Hi All!

Over the last 12 months I have been reading and researching BP, I’ve steadily and regularly invested and I’ve happy that my current holding is in profit and I’ll be receiving a regular dividend from this.

BP’s strategy to hit green targets and explore alternative energy is something that I believe will ensure this business continues to recover from the pandemic and the transition into a cleaner future, I’m also confident that it’s oil sector will continue to deliver good profits and is still going to be a major part of its core business.

I also own a good number of ETF’s and other products so I’m not solely invested in one company, but now I want to find another company that I can research and invest in over the next 12 - 18 months and I was wondering what companies other people are investing in and why?

I look forward to reading your responses!

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I haven’t yet, but am planning on investing in US sport gambling stocks. For example Draftkings.
The US are slowly legalising online sports gambling and there could be huge market opportunities. I know sports gambling firms have done huge numbers in the UK. So knowing America, the numbers will be bigger and better

I think there’s even an etf for this but dont think FT have it. Its called BETZ

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I am into 3 genome editing shares. You may check $CRSP, $EDIT and $NTLA. A joint Noble prize winner is involved with the works at $CRSP. CRSP heavily involved with $VRTX of market capital $56.7 billion, and get payment of $1.1 billion. CRSP’s market capital is just under $10 billion. VRTX hinted to look for a takeover target. CRSP maybe the first choice.
If you like something safer then copper mining is a simple choice as electrical vehicles will need lots of copper. Take an establish company likes the boring BHP or ANTO on a pull back. They are at the year high. The better bets are $FCX and $SSCO. $FCX can expand their mines without looking for costly new mines. SCCO has the largest copper reserve. I am in SSCO. There is more upside as the price is away from the year’s high. Good luck on whatever you decided and interest to know your eventual decision.


Thanks to the share referral scheme, I’ve got 29 free shares of various random companies. Since I got them in February, they are up as a total of nearly 7% giving me an estimated yearly APR of nearly 30%.

This is almost double the profit of the Stocks and ETF’s I have bought after doing lots of DD on them.

Which just tells me, you can spend hours upon hours researching a company, but in the end, it’s Lady Luck who will decided if you actually make a profit.