Not sure if this has been mentioned within a thread before but the trend of low/no-alcohol drinks seems to be gathering pace with more milennials not drinking alcohol. Does anyone have any investment opportunties/exposure around this?



Diageo have a range.

Hilarious when you think about it, it’s just a £20 pint of juice.


Diageo bought Seedlip last year.

I’m unconvinced. People aren’t drinking as much because there are other methods of socialising which no longer involve the pub or club. Which means they won’t drink your overpriced cordials either.

Seedlip charge the same price for their non-alcholic drinks as a typical bottle of spirits. But the latter have to pay ~£8.50 in alcohol duty per bottle. Which is good for Seedlip/Diageo’s margins, but surely ridiculous to everyone else.

Just buy a coke.

I agree, if you look at the bigger picture people are probably going to pubs and bars less. Alcoholic drinks sales won’t be replaced with non-alcoholic versions, they’ll be replaced with gym memberships, yoga classes, computer games… just my guess

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Alcarelle might be crowdfunding this year. This is an alcohol alternative. It could be revolutionary! Let them know if you’re keen to crowdfund.

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Weed has a lot to do with this as well.

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