Lyxor Smart Overnight Return GBP UCITS ETF (Acc.) - CSH2 - Share chat

Yes I think so, so you have to net that off against the 3.1% credit interest… still an excellent deal.

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Indeed it is. Will look into it, thank you.

you got a referral code for bestinvest? wouldn’t have heard of them without you suggesting it

Has this product been added to free trade? I can’t seem to find it. This and XSTR would be decent to have in the current circumstances.

This might help if anyone intrested since csh2 is not available. ERNS mentioned on the video is available in FT.

Not really - take a look at the relative volatility of the two:

volatility difference is mentioned in the video. Csh2 is best but in absence of it only ERNS is there in FT

If you want a true comparison make sure to look at total return not just price return

Hi Steve - that’s kind of you. There isn’t a code - but if you give me your name and email address, I can refer you.

For some reason USD fund FEDG ( Lyxor Fed Funds US Dollar Cash UCITS ETF - Acc) is available on Freetrade but not GBP - CSH2

Both are Luxembourg domiciled

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Hmm, that is interesting, though for us more of a dollar bet/hedge than a cash park!

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Cash ETFs that aim to reflect the performance of SONIA rate (as of Jan23 around 3.43% and going up!), safe place to put cash while waiting for the right investment:



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Yes please! I’ve been asking for CSH2 for a while now, but no luck. The higher interest rates rise, the worse this gets… I’ve just transferred 75% of my SIPP fund to BestIn vest, not because I think their platform is better (it’s not), but because they pay interest on cash balances.

I understand why Freetrade won’t want to do that (it’s a good source of income), but it’s a bit unfair to deprive us of any way of safely parking cash and generating a small return.


Yes we need this now more than ever

I m in process of transferring my cash holdings to another provider. We need cash ETFs in Freetrade.

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please can this thread merged with CSH2 - viable cash parking ETF


There have been quite a few requests for MM or cash proxy funds. It would be good to know whether there’s a decision not to add or they are just far down the list to be onboarded.

Or… whether FT needs to be able to make interest on our cash balances to make their business model work, and are deliberately keeping us in cash??


I was curious about this. If most of users park their cash like this it is bound to affect intrest earned by brokers. But I could see other brokers do offer it.

This feels a bit like the kind of approach a free service might take. FT is not a free service and yet free services do provide these funds. Not ideal.