Maersk and Hapag Lloyd

Hi, new here, can we get Maersk and Hapag Lloyd added? Two of the biggest shipping companies in the world would compliment the other shipping stocks well on the platform

Welcome welcome welcome :ocean: @NorthernCoin

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I’m afraid that as Maersk trades on the Danish exchange and Hapag Lloyd on the German exchange, they aren’t supported right now by Freetrade. EU stock are being rolled out across 2022 so it should be long.

Just a couple of best practice tips for the future (don’t worry these are written down so you were not know)

Keep stock requests one per company as once added it’ll be become the stock discussion. The format should include links to Google / Yahoo Finance, Wikipedia and official page. Full name and stock symbol in the title (don’t worry the FT elves will sort these out if not) & important don’t forget to vote on your own request


Thanks! Will do this when I have some more stocks to request! :+1:t2::+1:t2::smiley:

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I too would like to see Maersk on Freetrade if possible