Manchester United ⚽ - MANU

Man U need to be competing and winning trophies again.

The stadium is awful, whoever comes in will need to aware that a lot of investment is needed.

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Glazernomics in effect.

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I’ll be so surprised if there’s not a story that comes out claiming there’s been insider trading from people close to the Glaziers / close to the deal. The story has flipped every few days for the last few months. Drawn out progress and abnormally high stock price volatility.

The Glazers will want the share price to rocket again. After all they just want money.

The share price doesn’t matter to the Glazers.

Can anyone answer the question, if this Ratcliffe deal being spoken about does get concluded, and he agrees to pay $33 per share for 25% stake, wouldn’t that mean the actual listed share price would instantly jump from the current $19 to $33? Or am I missing something?

Dont think so.

If it was a buy out…then yes. (ie :100:)

But hes not buying your shares…hes buying someone elses.

Clearly you would expect the remaining shares to increase…but I wouldn’t imagine you would see the full impact.

And you might get caught in a massive slide if it doesn’t happen.

Theres been plenty of takeover talk come to nothing with Man United recently…would be a gamble…no free lunch.

There is a tender offer open now for 25% of the shares at $33 but Freetrade has not sent me any info on how to accept. Any advice? Should I just sell now?

Is this not just linked to Jim Ratcliffe taking over a 25% holding stake?

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There is a general tender offer of 25% of your holdings for $33 each but I cannot see a way to accept it.

Hargreaves Lansdowne had this for their holders. I can’t see the free trade equivalent

Im sure you carnt do this on here

Would be good if Freetrade sent you an email explaining that. I get emails on things like voting at the Apple annual stock meeting!

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