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Premier League giants Manchester United are one of only a handful of publicly-listed football clubs, and they’ve endured quite a rollercoaster over the last few years - on and off the pitch :roller_coaster:

Back in December 2018, Utd fired their manager, Jose Mourinho.

As well as enduring the worst start to a Premier League season in almost 30 years, United had also seen around $1bn wiped off their market value.

The share price has dropped 22% in the last 12 months and around 14% in 2019:

Following Mourinho in the hot seat was this man, Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Following an initial strong run of results on the pitch, performances have dipped again this season and the club are languishing outside the top six.


There has, however, been a small uptick in the company’s share price following some steady commercial results.

They shoot, but can they score?

Utd announced its Q3 2019 earnings today, posting revenue of $166.9 million for the quarter, coming in at 3 cents per share.

There are rumours that Utd will continue to cut wages, while publicly acknowledging that they have to start winning trophies again.

They’re a household name, but how many of you have NYSE-listed English Premier League giant in your Freetrade portfolio?

Would you invest in other football clubs if they were listed companies?

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What happened today! Wiwser …

Might be fairly volatile in the upcoming weeks for obvious reasons. (If you’re living under a rock(!)) the euro super league is the factor and we are expecting to see some movement from uefa in regards to competition expulsions, possible legal battles and even government intervention.

Can’t see what grounds uefa have for expulsion, nor can I see domestic leagues being able to do anything this season, but whatever decisions they make for next season will definitely have an impact.


The league have every right to kick them out, in the rules of the prem it says joining a competition apart from the 5 already agreed means dismissal from the prem.
Uefa have similar powers.

I lost a lot when Leeds United went bust.

It isn’t quite that simple :+1: All teams currently play many different tournaments in pre season or mid season breaks. They could simply categorise these games as a exhibition or something. The lawyers for the “12” seem to think they have every angle covered.

The big issue could be government intervention as ironically that should ban English football from FIFA as they have a strict no-government intervention policy so there will be limited cross over they can control.

I hate the idea of a closed league but in reality 5 years down the road most will probably accept and maybe even enjoy. All the media will switch when it is there turn to broadcast and it will be accepted like it was the apocalypse when SKY bought the rights.

There is a lot of false outrage at the moment about things that won’t actual happen but I hate to admit it but don’t tennis and golf players already get auto invites? Is that not similar with no outrage? And the cricket has loads of new tournaments around the world with new formats and teams that seems to be highly popular after outrage.

The facts are that the teams don’t want the new “terrible” champions league format of 36 teams in 1 league playing random 10 games which will mean more poor games and obviously they want more money. All the outrage about travelling - it will be the same if not less than current CL, fans alienated from matches - last I heard they will still play league + cups and national football - will FIFA really boot Real, Barca, Juve, Man Utd etc?

Long story short I hate the concept and would never put money into UTD but I only see this being a potential gold mine in the long run :+1:

As a life-long united fan I’m disgusted, and if the proposals go ahead in their current form I feel that I cannot support the club any longer, and will probably find a local team to attend.

I know many other fans from several clubs who all feel similarly.

@Big-g The Athletic are reporting that players and agents are seriously deliberating over whether player contracts will be invalidated upon expulsion.

Clause 6.1.1 of a standard Premier League contract relates to employer obligations and dictates the club should not do anything that stops a player featuring for his country. It also states that clubs shall observe the rules, which are defined as “the statutes and regulations of FIFA and UEFA and the FA Rules and League Rules”, meaning in theory any club leaving those competitions would be in breach of contract.

A number of intermediaries raised this aspect. One said: “So if the club proactively does something that stops them being an international footballer, does that invalidate the contract? Do the club then potentially have no assets on the books?”

It’s going to be hard to stop these vultures no doubt, action should have been taken long ago, but there will be ways, and every party in this industry apart from ownership itself is unsupportive.


Like I say I don’t like it but I will be interested to see what people say in a month or so :+1: Many will be playing lip service as they think it is the “correct” thing to say.

Watching Mr Neville spout off about money/greed etc is an absolute joke, SKY stopped me watching football in my youth as I couldn’t afford to watch anymore. They started the gravy train that produced this and now crying about someone else doing the same. He would probably do a U-turn if Sky get the rights though.

I hate with a passion the closed league which actually isn’t closed but some spots guaranteed like other sports but the devil will be in the detail of the pyramid payments that may actually mean more for others. I am sure the 12 have a few carrots to sway the narrative over the next few weeks. I’d guess they are letting the bad news all happen at once then start the PR campaign, hell, Spurs threw in the Jose thing as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My point is most are reacting without actually knowing the facts. Yes it is still S@%& but I honestly think it will be financially a good bet that is all I was saying and as I don’t support UTD I won’t be giving them my money :joy:

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Oh, and I saw on Sky that apparently the lawyers think they have covered every single rule and they are OK with the ESL. I would guess they know the law well and things like “In theory any club” won’t hold up in law.

Yes I’m sure the lawsuits (between bodies) will come to nothing and Sky’s coverage is totally biased but what is really worrying is that aside from the unsavoury characters and unappealing format the clubs would have an inordinate amount of control over the ESL - in theory they could one day play all matches abroad. And to do all this whilst lying to fans, staff and players is an incredibly dangerous tactic, and I take all government threats very seriously as we are essentially talking about national security now.

Its a bit like you with Sky. Perez talking about young people not being interested in football anymore. I stream matches because I can’t afford sports packages, merchandise and tickets are dizzying. I’m not not “interested” because I’m priced out, as are most of course. Its a massive turn off when the chairman is talking like that. Not even mentioning all the other potentially abhorrent stuff like salary caps (which I’m sure will be deliberated - I hope the players are attentive!) a la NFL etc. At the end of the day UEFA’s own proposals are uninspiring (sabotaged by those involved in ESL deliberately?). Football is (long over)due a reckoning…


The thing I don’t get is they should have announced it after Uefa announced the stupid new CL format :joy: To me the champions league is dead anyhow in 2024, how on earth is 1 league and everyone playing a different 10 games in same league a way to work out who qualifies?

The owners of these clubs are beneath contempt, they have not explained to their own managers and players what is happening and they are to cowardly to come out and explain to fans and football what they are doing. I think there is plenty of things that could be done to stop this. The government could stop visas for foreign players, clubs need the cooperation of local councils, the premiership can expel them (its in the rules) but most of all fans can stop it not only by not going but by picketing the ground on super league match days.

I would be worried if I had shares in this.

All over now, Chelsea and City withdrawn, Woodward resigned from UTD.

Fantastic news. The pressure needs to continue though. Glazers, FSG, all out - forced sales if necessary. I am treating them as a national security concern and will be writing to my MP. Alternative ownership models reviewed by Gov and associations. UEFA plans must also be opposed.

One of those rare instances I’ll smile at a freefalling stock.


Best news United football fans can get for the moment. Hopefully someone with more footballing sense will come in.

What now? Diamond hands?