Marriott - MAR



Hasn’t harmed the share price much


Not yet :joy: NASDAQ opening soon?

I doubt it’ll have a long term impact. Sadly data breaches are common so people kind of expect them

But in the short term it might

Hence the request :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be interested to hear from people on this forum around investing when a share price drops after scandals/ breaches/ announcements.

Sorry but we need you to avoid discussing “market timing” because nobody knows when a good / bad time to buy will be for a particular investment.

Market timing is just too close to:



Fair enough however I was merely asking about peoples views/ thoughts on the idea of it not for companies to invest in

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I do like that “the stock market serves as a relocation center at which money is moved from the active to the patient” line, but the link Alex posted isn’t super-detailed on why market timing tends not to work.

I’d guess it is that market moves are effectively random to the average investor (ie me), and that the stock market is relatively efficient at pricing things correctly. When a stock drops 5% that’s the market’s best estimate of the value of the stock. It might go back up in a few days, or not: there’s no “natural” price for a stock to have.

Another way of putting it: when a stock goes up 5% after you buy it, it’s hard to tell if it’s due to your skill or just luck. But admittedly it is often tempting to buy the dip…

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I expected a bigger hit to the stock price but as @Rat_au_van said, it’s becoming common now. They will most likely end up having an average fine, which when announced in the months to come will have another effect on the stock price.


“We have come to the view that newly announced US, UK and EU restrictions will make it impossible for Marriott to continue to operate or franchise hotels in the Russian market,”