Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

Hey just wondering I see dividends were paid on the 26th, do you get a notification on here to say you have received them?


You will receive an app notice (you’ve received investment income! or similar) plus an email to advise that you have received one, it will also show in the activity (the date will show as the actual dividend pay date).

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Just allow a few days for it to be processed, longer for US stocks typically.

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Is there any list of companies who pays dividends?

See here for starters :money_with_wings::

Type ‘dividends’ in search bar & see what else you find,


Just asking to see what people’s good dividends pay?
Anybody like to share there little wins :thinking:
Or any future promising ones
I’ll start!
Recently added

$main $40 buy price, 0,215c monthly 6.3%
$DEA $19 Buy price ,0.265c quarterly 5.6%
$GLAD $12 Buy price , 0.06c monthly 6.4%

This is my big boy stock and going nowhere
$O £68 buy price, 0.247c monthly 4.4%

Have plenty other stocks with divs bit the page would be massive :rofl:

Please add and share if like to :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Esp @NeilB @Optimisery @Emmie

Let’s creat a nice little “0ooh friends” chat :rofl:


Henderson Far East Income (HFEL), buy price £2.97, £31.80 quarterly 7.8%
Legal & General (LGEN), buy price £2.28, £78.16 bi-annually 7.4%
New City High Yield Fund (NCYF), buy price £0.54, £21.12 quarterly 8.1%
NextEnergy Solar Fund (NESF), buy price £1.10, £17.21 quarterly, 6.4%

All UK, so no US tax.

Obviously not recommendations to buy, but I hold these


I owe 2 of them already NESF and lLGEN

As for the penny share and getting That much that is quite amazing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just check it up and it’s had 5-7 years of increased Divi so well done on finding yourself a little gem (NCYF)

Thanks for sharing you story @weenie
Welcome to the chat :grinning:


I’ve got the following:

Apple 0.5%
Kainos Group 1.83%
Savills 3.14%
ContourGlobal 6.88%
Ishares Europe ex-UK 1.9%
Softcat 1.52%
Glencore 4.32%
Rightmove 1.27%
Legal and General 7.37%
Blackrock World Mining 6.14%

I’ve mapped out all the payments and I’m receiving something each month except January and July. Going to add Gladstone Capital and Sainsbury’s next month to cover that and I’ll then have dividend income each month. Interested to see what others have as I’m always keen to add!


Try these companies, and one trust (TRIG)

MPLX 7-8% (quarterly divs)
WLKP 7-8% (quarterly divs)
EFC 10% (monthly divs)
PFLT (monthly divs)
LGEN 7.4%
CEY 7.9%
ADM 11%
BHP 7%
RIO 10%
TRIG 5% (quarterly divs)

I’m long on all of these, and others of course.


Is TRIG a trust? :thinking: Didn’t know That! Heard a lot of people hate on TRIG but it’s always seems decent dividend payer just because it’s not a massive growth share :relieved:


In terms of stocks specifically for their dividends I hold two for the long term which work for what I’m personally happy with at the moment

UK Wind (UKW) and Scottish American (SAIN)

UKW has had low but steady growth for a infrastructure trust along side it’s usual dividend of around 5% currently. UKW also has one of the lowest fees for green infrastructure trusts

SAIN mixes goals of reasonable long term growth with a low but what should be sustainable dividend even through downturns of around 2.5% currently


I don’t understand. Why do they hate this entity so much? I should understand hating Putin, but not an investment trust that invests in renewables. What awful actions did the management take?



I don’t really have many dividend stocks.

L&G I’ve been in & out off … I think its getting to another nice buy in price.

Most recently I got a very nice div from Nestle … But that was outside of :freetrade:… Cause freetrade doesn’t yet have it.

Get a bit from REITs Segro & Warehouse… But picked them more for growth over dividends.


Totally agree with you, bit if looked at the trig group chat it’s like they don’t pay enough there’s lots of extra fees? I personality thought it was always a winner hench why we are all here :thinking::rofl:

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Sounded like it was to do with lack of ‘growth’ in share price. But this is common for infrastructure shares. I think there’s a particular reason around this but I can’t remember exactly why.

Id be more concerned with LGENs high dividend and stagnant share price. it should be a growing company. But these companies often have lots of other issues that put them in that kind of situation


LGEN is back to its level it was 5 years ago, but the dividend wasn’t so high back then so could be an entry point again for people I’ll be holding maybe topping up!

That’s my personal objective this isn’t investment advice :smiley:


TRIG fees aren’t actually that bad, around 1% (currently 0.97% for 2021), for a renewable infrastructure trust its on the low side similar to UKW. For the ETF investors where the fee is the top thing that’s really high, but for a focused green infra trust, its not. its not uncommon to see others at 1.1, 1.2% or more


JGGI is my main dividend payer at about 3%. Like SAIN, it tries to provide long-term growth and a reliable income. I also hold the following for exposure to mining, debt, property and infrastructure:

BRWM, 6%
NCYF, 8%
TRY, 3%
TRIG, 5%