Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

anyone received their Dividends on VUSA, VHYL, etc?
it’s about time!

Oops wrong thread again.
I Posted this elsewhere but more to do with dividends

Low interest rates made growth a better option…
Therefore change is opun us?

Best month so far this year for dividends in my ISA:


Portfolio size around £70k.

Of the above, I have sold Civitas Social Housing as I’m no longer convinced they’re a long term ‘Hold’ (for me) - resulting funds (sold at slight loss) were just spread across other existing investments.

I’m missing a few divis from Freetrade which were due in June, but will just add those to July when I get them.


Nice work @weenie :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had Civitas took the offer price. 80p well below the NAV, 107p NAV (I think)
Although a nice profit for me, it was a very low offer.
Odd that the directors recommended it.
Put some into SOHO but most went elsewhere.

Reference dividends from REIT in ISAs.
Freetrade aren’t claiming back tax.

“We do reclaim tax on PIDs in ISAs, however this is something that has been paused for the moment. We’ll be sure to let you know once this has been resumed”

Pity they don’t tell you this before you buy.
Losing 20% of your dividends just because they can’t be bothered to ask the tax man for it back.
Note I had a REIT in a sipp in Hargreaves Lansdowne, they don’t claim it back because it never taken out in the first place.


Ive just bought some Reits in my ISA on the basis that Freetrade claimed the PID element back. @Freetrade_Team Why Have you stopped reclaiming this and when do you intend on starting again?


Also did not know this. Have been in the process of selling up my Reits and rebuying in my ISA. Pretty shoddy if this is the case.


Good job @weenie ! That’s a very nice amount.

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I think all of my June investments have now come in.

A very nice month at £132.41 :slight_smile: Second highest month for me.

Total 2023 dividend now sits at £418.06.

Dividends per month for 2023 vs 2022, 2021 and 2020 is also going strong.

And some stocks have now paid me back over 10% of my initial investment.

All going in the right direction on a portfolio ~£25,000 and monthly investment of £550.

Stock events now has me down for a monthly average of £80.88, daily average of £2.66, yield of 3.93%.

Happy with this. July and August are typically low for me but everything is going in the right direction :slight_smile: For those just starting their dividend journey, just keep going! :smiley:


I was listening to a podcast which posed an interesting question: why would you invest in dividend stocks for an average yield of about 4% when you can get 4-6% relatively risk free with cash? :thinking:

Think because you get the value of the stock increasing and the divident iver time cola for example

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But that’s no guarantee, of course. For every Coke, there are lots of duds. A fair few dividend stocks that are popular in these parts are down 15-30% in share price terms over five years, for example.

Right now, with 6% interest available on cash and your money virtually/literally guaranteed, I think it’s tricky to justify the risk to your capital that comes with investing for income.

Anyway, I think it’s an interesting question and it’s making me rethink one investment.

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Because at some point rates will go lower - then we are screwed. Meanwhile the dividends and shares continue compounding.

You will always have losers in a portfolio.

Have to watch the £1000 cap before tax also - obviously stick a dividend investment compounding in a stocks and shares isa is a good way forward (for me anyway)

You can still take it within an ISA, just using short duration government bonds or similar. The asset class decision is separate to the ISA/GIA decision.

i would say the big pull for cash dividends vs cash interest will be the tax rates (if held outside an ISA)
8.75% or 20% which would you choose???

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Interesting blog post:


Another month I am happy with. July is notoriously low for me so I’m happy to bring in £40.81 this month (total portfolio size ~£26,200).

Total dividend for 2023 now sits at £465.81.

My July 2023 smashed July 2020, July 2021 and July 2022.

And more stocks have now paid me back over 10% of my initial investment.

Also a good month for my portfolio which is up £653 this month.

Stockevents now has me down for a monthly average of £81.77, daily average of £2.69, and a yield of 3.75%.

Happy with this. To my fellow dividend investors, keep going! :smiley:


I wish I knew how to have a decent Excel which gives graphs like this :joy::sweat_smile:

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