Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

Well Visa is a moat, and its always good to have a Dividend, even if it is just 1% (or less), especially if it raises every year around 13%, with an avarage of 15% in the last 5 years,


Anyone has news about $PBR dividend, ex date: 28/04 paid on 26/05?

I know it can take some days to reach the account, but it’s taking too long for me

Mine hasnt landed either, think last time took 6 or 7 days

Dividend threads remind me of children at the school dinner table.

They got theirs before me

Mine is bigger than yours

I never got any peas (notification etc :rofl:)

Its not fair


Just like school dinners, someone has to be fed first but everyone gets what they ordered in the end. Patience kids :rofl::rofl:


Interstingly I received my L&G payment today but BAE was due last Thursday and still no sign.

I mean that would be amazing if you could - i just wondered if anyone had like a blank template ha. Basically something similar to the above, where I can track dividends on a monthly and yearly basis and be able to see the difference and growth over time

Nice dividend this week. Pity I’ve lost more than this since I bought. Time to reinvest into some more dividend paying stocks


crikey that is alot from one share, is that your biggest holding? what are your top 10?

Hi. They are split overall several accts

Tesla is the largest. 323 shares
Palantir. 1457 shares
BCPT - uk commercial property
Legal and general
Rio tinto


I used to invest mostly in Acc ETFs but switched to Divs recently, mostly due to comments in this thread. So thanks @weenie and others!

The reason I switched is mostly because:
When a stock is doing well you see your holding grow and you don’t mind not getting any return (value is virtual until realised).
But when the stock has a bad time, mostly due to general financial market volatility, you see the stock price shrink which makes me frustrated as it takes a while for the price to return to previous valuations. I know you can invest more during the downturn to pound-cost-average and gain in the long term, but if this is in an ISA or if you don’t have the cash at that time to invest more then you miss out!
Taking dividends allows me to feel like I have ‘earned’ something from a stock during the good and bad times!

The other reason is that people often go on about compounding effects when investing, but when all you invest in is Accs stocks and ETFs then you don’t really see the immediate effects of compounding. So again, it is nice to see the dividends grow over time as the stock does well and also allows you to reinvest into whatever stock you want to rather only into the stock that paid the dividend.

I know YMMV but those are my reasons. Hopefully that resonates with some of you!


Great comment that resonates with me 100%.

Only thing I would add to your sentence here is that as well as allowing you to feel like you’ve earned something even in bad times, the dividend gives you “spare” money to reinvest during those bad times that you have zero or limited funds to contribute.


My biggest dividend yet :rofl: (4 months in).

£6 from YU. (You energy)

Paid on the divi day…good work FT :+1:

Bought as a growth stock last month…and I’m up 23% on it :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow well done probably at the start of my journey like yours at £6 dividend coming back… my problem is my banker authorising £25 to feed into the account nevermind 550😢

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You are having probelms with the open banking deposits? There should be an answer to that.

Speak to your bank customer services maybe?

Sry i mean the household banker she is tough on the negotiations :grinning:


Oh :rofl:

Well, maybe through time, when you’ve proved a success she will see the virtue in it.

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I did most of my investing in march 2020 and beyond BUT being a bit of dick, I didn’t read Hargreaves Lansdowne charges properly. It’s 0.45% for an ISA but with a maximum of £45 as long as you stick to ETFs and shares. So I missed out on 1 years worth of ISA.
Moved ISA to freetrade about a year ago.
So I have put in £20,000 cash (equity release) January 2021. Thereafter sold shares to put in ISA, either buy back or buy something else.
Started with investment trusts with dividend reserves. Changed as the market changed. Now about 50% in private equity investment trusts.
So total into ISA £60,000. 2weeks ago broke through the £95,000 mark!
Today £90,130!!!
Changing tack when you can see the market has changed and discounts abound in different sectors is the way to watch your investments grow substantial above just sticking to one strategy like investing for dividends.
It’s also a great way of watching your investments fall over a cliff (a bit of an exaggeration).
Either way I see most of my present investments as longer term. Namely private equity it’s always been the best sector in the investment trust universe…by a long way.


Fell to £88,000. Arhhhh
Back to £90,000. Along way from £95,000 from 2 weeks ago!
I am not going to be able to move house at this rate.
Although Plan is 3-4 years time.
Alternative plan is not to bother.
I do have other accounts. SIPP, general account at freetrade and one at Hargreaves Lansdowne.
The problem is I want to move and have a decent amount invested so I can lead the life of Riley.
I want it both ways.
I believe it’s called greed!
I am a fan!

Market behaving more rationaly?
3i was a big faller for me.
The main sector it investments in (well over 50%) is European discounters.
A rise in UK interest rates will impact them in what way?

This thread is about dividends so people would probably want to know what yield/dividend you got on your £91.5k portfolio?