Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

Hey @WayneSoton your dividend money goes into the nominee holding company, this means all dividends will come in a few tranches not all arriving at the same time due to bank clearing. Once they have all the money they’re expecting they can then distribute it. Some of this is automated and some not.

For clarity FT never have your money in ‘their account’ they’re not allowed. All client funds are ringfenced to stop them paying wages or rent with your money. They simply cannot earn interest on it by processing it slowly.


These pesky facts getting in the way again.


A bit late, but here are my July ISA divis:


A couple which were due at the end of the month weren’t paid on time, however this should help me (hopefully) achieve a record dividend pay out (for me) for August.


NBMI paid today (due date) well done Freetrade!

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Would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you pesky kids :laughing:

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Hope it’s not in an ISA! I’ve been waiting for them to pay me the 15% of my dividends which were withheld, which they are meant to pay me two to three months later, since June 22. I’ve put in a complaint and will go straight to the ombudsman when the complaint expires. Apparently it’s a computer glitch and it affects more than one person.

Please be aware and read the small print on these so called ‘complex investments’.

Good stuff @weenie .

You’re my adopted mentor (with or without your consent) :joy:


ISAs divis for August:


Best month so far this year for income, but a late payment from Freetrade means I didn’t quite break my personal record for August.

[Context - Portfolio size around £68k (share prices getting battered), been investing since 2015]

Here’s my progression over the years, which I hope might provide some motivation/inspiration to a few:


Steady year on year growth, from just adding monthly to my portfolio - the big jump between 2016/17 was me getting made redundant and putting a chunk of my severance pay into my divi portfolio. The jump between 2020/21 was as a result of me adding extra during lockdown when everything was shut.

With increased costs of living/my mortgage going up, there might be a slow down in dividend growth as I’ve got less to invest each month, but I continue to reinvest the divis so perhaps it won’t make such a big difference.

Hope everyone else is getting good dividends!


Very impressive. Notice quite a few Reits in there - I’ve been topping up on a few recently as some of the discounts look excessive. Still concerned about the tax reclaim issue though - not been much in the way of transparency and its difficult to check yourself as these transactions don’t show in the activity feed. Freetrade did say that the issue would be resolved shortly - with your sizable REIT holdings, have you noticed any reclaimed tax?

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The only REIT I hold with Freetrade is Primary Health Properties, only because previously, REITS weren’t available in Freetrade ISAs so I had to buy them with other providers.

This is what I got for the August dividend payment, so I guess one of the payments is the reclaimed tax:

Edit - Also, it looks like I forgot to add the reclaimed tax in my table! This might be because it was added to the app at a later date and I didn’t notice.

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Looks like it’s a work in progress. Of my most recent 3 REIT divis, one has a second payment which equals the tax deduction, one has a second payment which is about 4/5 of the tax deduction, and one doesn’t have a second payment (reclaim) at all.

Nice work, mentor @weenie :joy:

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August, like July, is notoriously low for me. But I am happy to bring in £41.11 this month.

Total dividend for 2023 so far now sits at £506.92.

August 2023 absolutely smashed 2022, 2021 and 2020.

And some stocks have now paid me 14% of my investment back.

September is looking strong at an expected dividend of ~£150. On a £26,000 portfolio (up £2,000 overall). Did not deposit anything this month as I had a new roof on my house. But the August dividends got reinvested.

Bring on the rest of 2023 and beyond!


I think this is an important caveat to posts like this. While it’s great to see people’s dividend income growing, it’s important to remember that total return is what really matters.


That split may well be to do with PID and ordinary dividend.

On the note of reclaimed tax for REITs in an ISA, I asked Freetrade to evidence the ‘paid’ reclaims a few weeks back which they were unable to do. They did however provide a breakdown of all transactions. When I couldn’t locate any reclaimed taxes applied to my account I was informed there is currently a technical issue which is preventing this process.

People might be aware of the above already or it might have been fixed by now…I havnt had chance to ask for a new list of transactions to check!


What also matters is that I wanted to explain that it took me years of consistent/regular investing to get to this stage. The first couple of years were, to put it bluntly, a little soul destroying as it felt as if I was going nowhere, making very little progress and I started to doubt my own strategy.

I’m just glad I didn’t give up then or be tempted by ‘get rich quick’ schemes.


Today I got 90p from my 3 Visa shares :rofl:

Its a growth stock, with a very small, nominal divi.

Still 90p though :rofl:


Exactly! :smiley:

:seedling: :arrow_right: :arrow_right::deciduous_tree:


You are an inspirational dividend investor Weenie.

I’m still finding my way, currently buying a mix of growth and divi stocks.

I probably wouldn’t have seen the value in dividend stocks, which I am now accumulating, without your posts.

Its not about being the richest or the best, just being open about what you have done and where you have got to.

Thanks for being active on here and showing what can be achieved :slightly_smiling_face:


It all adds up.

Had VISA early on. Personally I was discouraged by the low dividends. Due to my time horizon and personal income goals I decided <3% was not worth it. I think I worked out it would take 8yrs for my VISA yield on cost to hit 3%. Thats when I realised what a fail it was not to have started 20 yrs earlier.