MEGATHREAD: Stock fundamentals 📊

I was just thinking about this the other day and how it would be nice to have a small mark on stocks on the main screen who are past ex div for example. HL does something similar but it’s not the most modern implementation

Gives immediate glance on your stocks which are past the event without haven’t unnecessary clicks.

Similar with spark lines to eliminate unnecessary clicks which I hope we might see in the future :crossed_fingers:

I saw the new feature last week pop up. It’s a very welcome addition


Really glad to see Freetrade rolling app improvements out. But i have to be honest that Price Target thing looks really messy and dont visually really make any sense. I really like what you did with analyst ratings. It looks clean and i can see straight away whats going on even without looking at the numbers.

I wish you would have stick to similar theme. Or have sort of cross between That and Simply Wall Street, maybe slimmed down version. Hope that makes sense.


Firstly I wanted to say that app improvements are very welcome and the more information to help educated users and decisions the better. However, I haven’t been able to put my finger on what I I feel look a bit cluttered. I’m not sure I like the dashed line, it doesn’t feature anywhere else in the app. I also think the purple number for the current price looks a bit weak. The colours from the RAG should be used in the price targets for consistency too.

I guess it could be tinkered with but I happen to agree with @Jurgenson - the simply Wall Street graphic is punchy, clean and very quick to get the information across.

I miss the days when you’d beta test new features on the community.


Simply Wall Street would be a good acquisition for Freetrade. Intergrate their graphics into the app. They have over 5 million users world wide although I think they are based in Australia.

The bar chart from Simply Wall Street shows their own Fair Value assessment. Their visualisation of the analyst price target is a much more sophisticated version of what Freetrade has produced. The current price and low, high and average price targets are shown in a similar triangle to the right of their graph. However Simply Wall Street also show the past price graph in blue and the past average price target graph in purple. In Snowflake’s case the analysts have been wrong for almost all of the last year…!

That is a misunderstanding/misinterpretation of what the analysts are trying to achieve. Fundamentally, they are not forecasting the share price. They are setting fair value targets. The discrepancy between different analysts should give you a strong clue that “fair value” comes with baggage. But that baggage is often the interesting part of understanding the company business.

IMO: Take analyst targets as guides. Use them to explore the company more. It is important to understand that analysts produce detailed reports on companies … i.e. their view on a company is more than a single number. Take the variation in ‘targets’ as a measure of ‘uncertainty’ in valuing the business. There is a political and vested edge to price targets. Try to figure out what these might be.


If the analysts aren’t trying to forecast the share price then Simply Wall Street’s visualisation is pretty misleading! It makes it really easy to compare what the past targets and the past prices were.

Using the targets as a guide makes sense and I suppose that’s what Simply Wall Street’s checkmark boils things down to. They award a tick if the average price target is 20% higher than the current price and the variation between price targets is less than 15%.

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Hello :wave: Just a quick update to inform you that Price Targets have now been rolled out to Standard and Plus members on Android as part of the latest update ! :rocket:


Not quite sure if the analysts need a P45 or I am about to become very rich :joy:


It would be quite interesting if there were papers written to study how accurate (or probably not) these forecasts are. Best not to take these too seriously imo.

General comment, rather than something that is specifically about the company in the screenshot: It is easy to misinterpret these targets and IMO they are not helpful without an understanding of the wider context. See MEGATHREAD: Stock fundamentals 📊 - #85 by bitflip.

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Hopefully the latter.

The analyst estimates will be for BRK.A rather than BRK.B

@waszko @Max_R @markMurtagh : From time to time, the Stock Fundamentals Target data does not load. I think that this must be do with the third party provider(s) of the data and/or an implementation bug associated with the API to the provider(s). Is this bug on your Radar?

[incase it is an app issue: problem last seen on App version 3.9.31 (45036)]


Hey @bitflip, thanks for sharing !

Could you provide us with some examples of where the data doesn’t load ?
No bug is on our radar but we can check our data sources to make everything is ok.

@Big-g thanks for sharing !
It is indeed a bug and ratings for this stock should be ignored. We’re currently looking into a fix.


Thanks so much for getting back to me on this @markMurtagh. When there are no analyst price targets we get this:

That is obviously expected behaviour.

But sometimes we get this:

or another example

or another example

I just picked those up randomly because people often talk about those stocks on the community forum. I randomly checked various US stocks and could not find any examples. So it seems that the issue is with some UK stocks (possibly a specific provider issue?)

All screen shots: App version 3.9.31 (45036)


I get this too “unable to load price targets”, and my app and my iOS are fully up to date


@bitflip @TheRaven Thanks for the examples. We’re currently looking into our third party providers.

What you’re seeing is the empty and error view, respectively. We try to provide fundamentals for as many instruments as we can. However, the fundamentals are indeed provided by a data provider.

We’ll look into these and keep you posted !


Ok thanks @markMurtagh. So to be clear - are you saying the ‘unable to load’ just means the data isn’t there? I understand the first screenshot - obviously not an error. I would have originally assumed if data was not available then the second (‘error’) screen would also just say the same thing.

I guess the difference is simply that in case 1 no analyst provides data (because it is for example a new stock). In case 2 analysts do provide data but Refinitiv doesn’t have access to them. Refintiv returns two different codes and that is what you handle. Is this understanding correct? If so perhaps a different message should be displayed in the second case so that users know there is no error on their side?


Hello @bitflip

Yes case 1 is not an error. If Refinitiv does not provide any data then we show this message.

Case 2 is our error message. It’s a message we show when something has gone wrong in the app or server side. For example if the app is unable to parse a response or the service we hit from the app is having issues.

We are aware of a currency conversion issue and are working on a fix. So you might be seeing this message more frequent than we’d hope.

Rest assured we’re on it and hopefully can get it resolved asap.

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Hello everyone,

We wanted to show you all a sneak peek of some work in progress related to dividend events :wink:

Some of you with eagle eyes may notice a little currency issue, that’s being worked on and will always display your local currency, which is mainly GBP.

Coming soon - watch this space for updates!

As always if you’ve got any feedback let us know

Don’t forget, capital at risk.