Merian Chrysalis Investment Trust Ltd (CHRY)

This investment trust invests in equity and equity-like securities in private companies.

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Annual results September 2020



Looks like it’s joining the FTSE 250!


wish I had paid attention to this trust earlier. great portfolio.

Highly concentrated mind you, that’s something you have to keep in mind. However they have some interesting companies that I think are and will do well.

It is, and probably the reason I like it.

Access to private companies like Wise and Starling.

They have announced intentions to raise new funding today. As part of that they’re using primarybid to offer retail investors access to the offering

Don’t normally put money to things like this does it look like a good stock

Personally im a fan of some investment trusts for some of the flexibility they have in being able to more easily access private equity.

With this one I think you need to know what their invested in to make a decision. They’re highly concentrated on finance and basically hold only private companies, and only a small number of them.

Heres their holdings as of October


they also apply a performance fee (not all trusts do)

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