Meta ETF

Would love to see the meta etf on Freetrade. The Metaverse is the next big thing and all the companies within it are booming and no doubt will continue to grow.

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Would you like the bad news of the bad news?

We’ll let’s starts with the bad news - unless the sponsor creates a complaint version of this ETF you’re
not going (out) to be able to buy it. Details here

More bad news - we’ve not got any cake left.


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Haha - thanks for this mate!

Do you know if there are any plans for a U.K. equivalent that could be added to freetrade?

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It’s all down to the company who run the ETF and given how much smaller the UK & Eu investing markets are I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Do anyone else know of a thematic ETF that is available in the UK that has similar holdings?

Top 25 holdings -

NVIDIA Corp. NVDA 9.00%
Microsoft Corp. MSFT 7.40%
Roblox Corp. RBLX 7.11%
Meta Platforms Inc. FB 6.02%
Unity Software Inc. U 5.17%
Autodesk Inc. ADSK 4.50%
Sea Ltd. ADR SE 3.94% Inc. AMZN 3.89%
Tencent Holdings Ltd. TCTZF 3.88%
Immersion Corp. IMMR 3.79%
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. ADR TSM 3.49%
Apple Inc. AAPL 3.45%
Snap Inc. SNAP 3.13%
Qualcomm Inc. QCOM 2.77%
Fastly Inc. Cl A FSLY 2.64%
Intel Corp. INTC 2.57%
Sony Group Corp. SNEJF 2.35%
Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. TTWO 2.19%
Matterport Inc. MTTR 2.10%
Alphabet Inc. Cl C GOOG 1.85%
Coinbase Global Inc. COIN 1.77%
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD 1.65%
Cloudflare Inc. Cl A NET 1.43%
Adobe Inc. ADBE 1.40%
Electronic Arts Inc. EA 1.39%

Also needing to know this!

The nasdaq includes a lot of those anyway.

If you’re a plus subscriber, perhaps the £ESGB for the gaming ones, £SKYP or £KLWD for some of the cloud computing (there are several cloud etfs).

For what it’s worth, there’s a cryptocurrency index that tracks the metaverse here:

This focuses on crypto / web3 metaversial stuff and isn’t ISA compliant. But it is an index which tracks the metaverse :man_shrugging:

We need this etf on freetrade!!!

It’s not going to happen until they release and compliant version, given the costs of doing this and the extra reporting requirements they’d have to be confident of the market in Europe first.