MicroStrategy (MSTR) - Stock Discussion

MicroStrategy is a BI platform and recently put aside $250million into Bitcoin to hold for “safe keeping”

I want to have exposure to this new asset class/BITCOIN by such proxy method, as well as MSTR is a good value company to keep in a portfolio as is.

Thank you!
Please add sooner than latter, need to get crypto asset exposure early in advance to 2023.

100% agree!

Also agree. This is a great way to get exposure to the crpyto market in our ISAs


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As Microstrategy added 0.5$ billion of Bitcoin to their balance sheet which is total of 0.1% of total supply. that could be a good hedge via owning actual stock.

100% agree! MSTR should be added!

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I also requested this a few weeks back. Hopefully it gets added :slight_smile:

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Great interview with the CEO of MicroStrategy here;

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Yes please

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hopefully they can add it long before the next bitcoin bull run

And another one.

Just discovered this now, fantastic to have bitcoin exposure within an ISA.

But with that also comes exposure to the Bitcoin dips… :zipper_mouth_face:

Guess some disagree with you…… The disclosure, of some $560 million in MicroStrategy stock, makes Capital Group the second-biggest shareholder in the business intelligence firm, after BlackRock’s $700 million stake……

Capital International Group is a $2.3 trillion asset manager.

BlackRock is a $9 trillion asset manager.


Looks like potential support for the Crypto market and maybe for Bitcoin and therefore MicroStrategy as a Bitcoin proxy within your ISA……

This came up when I was looking around yesterday and I think this might be the closest Bitcoin in an ISA you can get outside of miners.

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Stock price stayed still for several years now its like an ECG chart

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