[Request] ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO)

ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) is the first U.S. bitcoin-linked ETF offering investors an opportunity to gain exposure to bitcoin returns in a convenient, liquid and transparent way. The Fund seeks to provide capital appreciation primarily through managed exposure to bitcoin futures contracts.

US ETS’s are not available in the UK as they don’t meet our compliance rules.

Also curious why someone wouldn’t just buy the Bitcoin themselves and save the management fees

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Tax reasons?


SIPP exposure!

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I think lots of people are desperate for an UK compliant Bitcoin ETF.

If bitcoin goes to the moon, currently you will get hit big time by the tax man, (30%,40%, 50% who can guess), but a nice little bitcoin etf stuck in an ISA it can go through the roof and the taxman doesn’t get a penny.

Whats not to like.


This is the reason - for tax! SIPP/ISA exposure would be a great hedge :smiley:

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No need to make up scary numbers :smiley:
Crypto is taxed like all other capital gains with a maximum of 20%.


It’s 20% now, who knows what it’ll be a few years down the line. A windfall tax may be mooted if all of a sudden there are tens of thousands of bitcoin millionaires.

Hypotheticals are not useful though. They can scrap the ISA system just as easily if not much easier.

That’s even scarier! :dizzy_face:

True, but more realistic than a tax rate above 20%. Most other European countries don’t even have tax wrappers, so if something changes for the worse, it’s likely that.
Increasing capital gains tax strongly would hurt the tories’ clientele the most, so we won’t see that anytime soon.

I bet the vast majority of Tory voters have some kind of ISA as well though, probably with quite a lot in it. scrapping the tax free wrapper would be a political disaster

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I’d say they are usually so rich that 20k per year to add to an ISA is pretty useless to them and maybe covers 5-10% of their assets. So normal capital tax increase would hurt them more.

*Not talking about their voters, but their clientele.
But these are also just hypotheticals. I wouldn’t expect either while Tories reign surpreme and rather focus on what it’s now.

Given that a lot of usually sensible talking heads say “sure, throw a few percent into crypto” nowadays, I think some crypto ETF would be a good idea inside an ISA or SIPP… as others have said, if it truly goes to the moon, you get to thumb your nose at the tax man and blow it all on EuroMillions tickets or whatever.

As a hodler of some of the higher cap crypto, I’d say that I think ETFs are a great way for people to get exposure inside tax wrappers, or just generally without having to deal with the technical shenanigans if they don’t want to. I’ll qualify that with: just strap in if you get seasick :slight_smile:

You can always buy other Bitcoin proxies such as Microstrategy, Tesla and Cleanspark to name a few…

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Or Coinbase

Since we’re talking about taxes. May have been asked and address already, but what if you transfer to another wallet or exchange in another territory, where you’re a citizen, with less aggressive taxation policies. Would that work?

Citizenship (usually… USA cough) doesn’t matter, tax residency does.
If you now fully move to a low-tax country and live there more than 6 months a year (of course this is just the most basic definition, there are others), then you pay your tax there and aren’t taxed here.

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Since we cannot accept US ETFs cannot we add something European? There a a few instruments in the German and Swiss market. For example 21shares.com has a few ETNs for bitcoin and altcoins. Could we add one of those?

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I think they’re illegal in the UK. Trading 212 had to remove them, although they are now based in Cyprus so they’ve been able to add them back for EU customers but not UK. Also something to do with some of them being CFDs, apologies if this is wrong.