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Hi everyone,

Looking at allocating 10% of my holding into Bitcoin for 2021 - what is the best ETF for UK based investors ?

Thank you :star_struck:

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Why do you want an etf? It’s just one asset, not multiple. Just get a wallet setup on coinbase, kraken etc. and buy some Bitcoin.


I’m guessing he wants to invest in multiple Cryptos Vs just Bitcoin (granted the original message just mentions BTC).

In addition to this you may want to read up on the best way to secure your keys (e.g. hardware wallets) if you do intend to allocate a significant portion of your portfolio to BTC (which at 10% seems to be the case).


I wanted to ideally place it into my SIPP …

I have this one in my SIPP which has been pretty good.

Why on earth would you buy a fund to hold BTC, where you will have to pay an investor fee or management fee. In reality you will be holding less and less BTC over time.
If you believe BTC price will go up then you also must believe it has a future. If this is true then at some point you will need to hold actual BTC, so you may as well go ahead and buy some real BTC. You can do this simply by using the most reputable platform, Coinbase, regulated by the SEC in the US. If you want to go to the next level, then set up your own wallet and transfer your BTC to it for safety.
If you are serious about investing in BTC for the future then you should consider holding your BTC on a platform that will also pay you interest, growing your BTC by 6% per year.


Thank you for your detailed report. Initially I was looking to invest via a SIPP, paying only 60 pence or so to the £. But you’ve thrown in here some great ideas …

I want a crypto/BTC ETF to gain tax free exposure through my ISA. Crypto tax is a nightmare and having a huge chunk be exempt seems like a winner to me.


Bitcoin reached another all time high again. Surely it can’t continue!

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Straight up to $32,000 after it hit $30,000 :eyes:

There are some absolutely wild charts I’ve seen posted looking at what price Bitcoin will hit if it repeats the gains it saw in 2012/2016.

(not saying I agree with these predictions, but it provides some entertainment on the weekends)


I think the fomo is piling in now

Another note:
There’s another Bitcoin thread - maybe these should be merged?

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Would be gnarly to see the bubble go to 80k+ :sweat_smile:

Is this price action purely physical money buying in and has nothing to do with options?

There must be quite a chunk of people that sold during the March sell-off who are thinking… hmm

Good ride for the people still holding.


I didn’t think when I’ve started this post that it will have so much traction :grinning:

I’ve purchased the Bitcoin ETF, as available within my SIPP and as a 40% tax payer, my risks are well hedged as a result. Up already done 20%+ or so.

Bought it and will forget about it. $400K is not far off anymore, especially when Elon will place half of Tesla’s balance sheet into its currency!

I’ve recommended Bitcoin when it was $4K but only stepped into it at around $20K :see_no_evil: Now I’m just hoping that the £ would not rise too much as otherwise my profits are sliced off!

Happy 2021 to all - May this year be even better than last!!!


He’s already said - so he can hold it in his SIPP…

Still, s/he should be near to the top 20 by now.

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I was going to say I encourage you to debate with Balaji S. Srinivasan but he’s taken it off, suppose he noticed that he got carried away with the zeros :wink:

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Can’t you see Satoshi’s orginal address(es) with the amounts in them? I’m sure I looked this up before.

Satoshi had many wallets, so no easy way to check, some one wrote a blog speculating on The Well Deserved Fortune of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin creator, Visionary and Genius | Bitslog and more speculation Another Mysterious String of 1,000 'Satoshi Era' Bitcoins Mined in 2010 Moved Today – Bitcoin News

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