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I remember back in 2013 when I first heard of BTC. It was selling for maybe 600 to 700USD then. I wanted in, but the only clients the exchanges wanted to accept were from the US and the UK. I was based in Cyprus then.

What do you think about the video saying that Satoshi is this guy Adam Back? Bitcoin - Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto - YouTube

It seems pretty convincing, and there’s an interview with him where he’s awkwardly talking about Satoshi in the 3rd person haha.

this is the most liquid one in Europe BTCE

Don’t know, some of it’s too simplistic like the thing about hiding messages, the Times paper, being British etc. Also, crypto has some very awkward people so someone like Adam Back becoming awkward in a interview doesn’t really surprise me.

I think it is probably best to not know who Satoshi is for Bitcoin, imagine if it is someone truly awful.

I think it is probably best to not know who Satoshi is for Bitcoin

Sounds like something Satoshi Nakamoto would say… :wink:


(Why have all the previous posts been deleted?)

Looks like Bitcoin/Ethereum are gearing up for the next move upwards :eyes:

Whole countries get it.

Bitcoin Futures on CME exchange

“Coming February 8: Ether futures”

Wall St buys it

They traded salt for gold Back in the day.

This is Computing at its finest and most efficient. Minus the middlemen apps that take a cut.

ETH :rocket: ATH


what Bitcoin ETF is this? Can you provide details and tickers PLEASE!!!

Think theres only ETN not ETF

Hargreaves Lansdown offer this (within ISA and SIPP too):


Seems that it tracks bitcoin price

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You could always just buy some BTC.
It’s really simple.

Open a Coinbase account. They are fully regulated in the US and are no more likely to cease trading than any other financial institution. Your money is as safe there as anywhere else.
Transfer some GBP
Keep it in your Coinbase account.

No ongoing management fees.
Open 24/7 for trading if you would like to sell.
Easy to get your money back into your bank account.


I have already some BTC. I would really like to be able to buy some BTC exposure within an ISA though

Tax free capital gains on BTC. I like your thinking!

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I think at the moment holding Microstrategy is a good way to have exposure to Bitcoin upside, they currently own 1 billion$ of Bitcoin on their balance sheet. I was planning to pull the trigger at 120$ now its 700$. ooops

If you have a substantial amount then cold storage is a good option i.e nano ledger

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I have had that one in my SIPP for 3 years. Up 300% for me so far :+1:

Can we have that in FT ISA please!!!

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