SIPP - going for ETFs/ETCs - can I chop and change these every week?

Hallo - …I’m considing basing my SIPP on ETFs/ETCs - but am not 100% sure I can trade these freely and often without incurring charges - can anyone re-assure me? - also - any idea if there’s a minimum term or any other barrier to getting out fast?
thanks very much - O.

I @tiger66

ETF’s have no stamp duty and UK has no FX costs.

If you’re moving large amounts it might be worth breaking down the trades

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Yes you can trade them as you like up to the 9.9k limit and as often as you like and move from cash to etfs and back within the sipp. So yes every week is fine, there is no minimum term for holding them as they are exchange traded just like stocks really but without stamp duty. Try a small trade to see.

There is a minimum term on the SIPP of course, you can’t withdraw till you retire, so it’s for very long term savings only as it is a pension but that’s probably not what you’re asking.

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thanks Kenny - I was unaware of any 9.9k limit -

There is a limit on individual trades of UK assets to avoid having to deal with a special tax levied on transactions of 10k or above (can’t remember the name of the tax off hand). So if you’re trading large amounts you need to split it into several trades. This can be annoying if you trade larger figures in an ISA or SIPP. See this request:

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