SIPP transfer

Hi team,
When a pension is transferred over to Freetrade, is it only cash that gets transferred over or the actual investments (which could be some form of mutual funds).

Mine was all cash. Both times


What are the investment options available in SIPP?
Are these the same set of shares and ETF’s as ISA and GIA?

Yes I believe so.

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Yes except REITs they aren’t allowed in a SIPP.


Some REITs are allowed in a SIPP. E.g. I recently owned both MPW and STOR until my STOR position was bought out in the recent takeover.

Didn’t know that, thanks for clarifying. All of mine that I have in my ISA are not allowed in my SIPP.

I think it’s only US-listed Reits that FT has available in Sipps. Hopefully, UK ones will follow before long.