Mkango Resources

Hi there,
Im a Freetrade investor on my mates advice.
On the back of a investor update on thursday, he is telling me to invest in Mkango resources.
He is a CFA and recommends I buy, but i have no understanding of why.
Is there anyone else as positive on this stock?
Kind of want to check in before I follow his advice again.

You will get a blanket response of DYOR.

Do your own research.

Not to be unhelpful, but its important you only buy what YOU believe in.

I advise you to read up a little on the subject of investing.

Its good to share research on here, but its important to make your own mind up.

Personally I only invest with FT , but I pay for Simply Wall St, use the free info on Stockopedia, Yahoo Finance and Etoro for access to analysis, news stories etc. ADVFN is good for links to RNS etc.

I done 60 seconds of research on this when I saw your post…enough for me to say its not for me.

My opinion is generally small miners fail way more often than succeed and this one is tiny.

Usless your friend has some secret inside info (which he shouldn’t share if he does) then I wouldn’t get too excited.

Oh, and it has the worst Stockopedia rating possible. By far the worst Ive seen.

Don’t jump in blind is all I would say.

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The ADVFN forum usually has some interesting discussions in stocks too.

Theres a link to a recent webinar which is maybe what impressed your friend.