Money market bonds access

Hi there,

I have found bond ETFs on freetrade, but nothing with the short-term nature of treasury bills for example. I know it may not be freetrades priority, but Wise has now offered interest-earning BlackRock funds that are matching central bank interest rates for total annual charges of 0,29%. If freetrade could match this, I would happily leave my cash in free trade as well as have my investment accountant here too. Other rivals such as Revolut, Moneybox and Plum all offer interest rates of 1,3% from Revolut, to 2.2% on cash on the free Plum plan and Moneybox offers similar rates, with over 3% on a 32 notice acc. I had never even considered Wise as a place to park cash, but these low-cost funds are offering exactly what I would like from Freetrade and offers interest rates higher than the bond ETFs on Freetrade. Wise takes a small cut from those annual charges, could Freetrade not offer something similar and make money doing so?