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I recently signed up with Wise, as they offer Money market funds with BlackRock and instant withdrawals. I own bond ETF shares through Freetrade, but they arent as flexible as these funds, as the funds in Wise reflect your interest paid daily, compared to the ETF that often pays dividends periodically. The management fees are 0.19% from the fund and 0.10% from Wise. Having viewed the Freetrade investor deck 23, there was mention of mutual funds and other products. Is Freetrade considering offering the equivalent of the funds being provided by Wise? It’s another revenue stream for the company and creates a one-stop-shop for many retail investors. If Freetrade matched the product offering of Wise in this regard, I would happily move my cash over. Given that other players such as Plum and Moneybox seem to be moving into share trading and savings accounts, it feels like Freetrade could end up losing out in the long run when customers compare subscription charges and other fees and the value they are getting for these charges. Just some food for thought. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Freetrade has said one of the next features to ship will be mutual funds and I’d imagine that will include money market funds.


I do hope so.

Not many votes

There are a few votes being put forward for a viable option.

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I own a good etf now, but I personally want instant access and daily interest in a market fund. Maybe it goes against Freetrade’s more pureplay investing, through shares and ETF and some funds soon. I guess it’s a trade-off. Potentially lose out on earning interest on cash in the accounts, but gain something like the 0.10% fee on all cash invested, which could be much higher if people moved savings over as opposed to only moving over money for stocks and ETFs.