Monthly paying dividend stocks in the UK?

Didn’t find new one. But in UK use FCPT.

I sold FCPT for a 7p profit, I have other higher paying dividend shares.

Are these also monthly dividend shares?

I think 1-2 of my ETF’s do, but mainly my share portfolio has higher paying annual shares.

Can you share that two monthly dividends?

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Realty income div= 3.8%
LTC properties div= 5.14%
Shaw div= 4.42%
PBA div= 4.68%
Main div= 6.2%



I absolutely support the idea of REITs and any other real estate company that pays monthly dividends. This is a great add to any investment portfolio. Real estate exposure 5-10% of portfolio long-term will yield great results and provide cash even during hard times.

Some good suggestions are Real Income Corporation (NYSE: O) the dividend is not extremely high (roughly 4%) but return on investment can be good.

AGNC has a high yield (11%ish) but stock has been performing poorly.

In general, the best would a balance where there is a decent yield (above 3-4%) and a positive return, more of a leader rather than a laggard.

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Some of those companies are quite good an addition like this would be awesome.

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Vanguard Funds Corporate Bond ETF (VUCP) also pays monthly, with a current yearly yield of 3.56%.

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The amount and risk will depend on what you have to invest overall really.

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I don’t think any of these are available on FT? :sleepy:

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Have a look at this video which highlights a few funds that pay monthly, and a picking of companies that pay dividends quarterly such that you get multiple income deposits every month. It’s also specifically targeted at Freetrade users: How to get 14 Monthly Dividend Payments every month on Freetrade! Dividend Kings & Aristocrats - YouTube


Everyone is saying FCPT Commercial Properties is paying a monthly paying dividend…
I can only find BCPT Commercial Properties on the Freetrade App which I think is a yearly paying dividend…
Am I missing something? Is FCPT no longer available? Are Freetrade discontinuing some stocks because I have found this on a few stocks now

Name change
Old management Company = Foreign & Colonial. (F)
New Company = BMO (B)

FCPT became BCPT

Same same

I think they suspended dividends?

I think halved it iirc

Yep. Buyer beware.
Just because something pays a shiny dividend monthly doesn’t mean

  1. it’s a good idea for you to buy
  2. the premium/discount isn’t wild
  3. they will continue to pay the same amount indefinitely
  4. that commercial property is a business model you want to expose yourself to at this moment in time
  5. that dividends aren’t or won’t be subsidised by capital reduction
  6. that exchanging an income tax liability is a better idea than capital gains liability (wrapper dependant)

Just sayin’

But , hey! It pay’s monthly (and that both “pays” and “monthly” in extra shiny quotations for added sarcastic effect)

That said, I’ve held FCPT / BCPT before.

Would I want to now? Dunno. The need to reduce the discount via buybacks looks like the play here…rather than the dividend



Thanks for clearing that up! :fist_right::fist_left:

monthly paying stocks are like hen’s teeth therefore some people jump in with both feet

Helpful as always Finki! Still playing with your spreadsheet information grabs when I get chance!