Monthly paying dividend stocks in the UK?

Shame they’ve suspended their dividend and thier share price has been decimated.

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BCPT have declared a monthly dividend of 0.25 pence per share, half of what they previously paid before dividends were cancelled.

Share price still decimated - I think I might risk a small top up.

As usual, DYOR!

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Those ongoing charges are a bit steep though!

What charges are you referring to?

It’s not a actually a stock and so has ongoing charges. They’re 2.34% per year according to freetrade, but I found a differing TER of 1.2% on other sites. Either is fairly high.

It’s an investment trust designed to provide exposure to commercial property. It is run by BMO, the charges are the fees for the trust’s management.

Welcome to the murky world of “you have no idea what you’ll be charged for this fund”.

Latest KIID from BMO states 2.31, yet latest data files from BMO states 2.34, yet latest factsheet from BMO states 0.83… yet most data vendors feed their clients 1.2 (because thats what the previous factsheet stated before it changed to 0.83).

So HL, AJBell etc… all showing 1.2. When “officially” it’s either 2.31, 2.34 or 0.83 !!!

ANd in any case they are purely guesses of future charges that no one can actually know in advance!


Yet nobody polices or monitors this despite the fact it’s designed to allow retail investors clarity on what they are paying in fees


This post did NOT age well

I’d be taking my money out of commercial property right now, COVID has proven a lot of companies can work efficiently from home.

On the flip side, WeWork might benefit from more companies being open to working from home, which might result in more co-working spaces popping up


Emina1 Its a very tricky time for Dividends with so many companies withdrawing them due to being smashed by COVID and the UK Govt telling banks not to pay them (as they have been given bail-out money - again)
Even BP has withdrawn the Divi!!
Perhaps and ETF like Vanguard World Wide Dividends would be your best bet. Make sure you buy an Income version not an accrued version (divis re-invested for growth).
There are traditional Divi Payers but any announcement can see them cancel or reduce divis at any time in the future, so you will be a hostage to fortune. Covid has seen most companies reduce payments out.

You can join ADVFN for free and search a list of big divi payers.
TOP 50 Divi payers (probably not all listed on FT)

Do your own research… but you may find a ETF is best and easiest to manage.

I hope this helps


If I took my money out now, I’d be making a +40% loss so I think I’ll just hold (or perhaps top up) right now!

We have Realty Income now.


NBMI also pays monthly

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STAG industrials is now on and also a monthly paying US Reit.

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The problem with UK monthly Dividend stocks, is that there just isn’t that sense of reliiance, like the US aristocrat, Realty Income.

There are some good Monthly paying ETFs not available on FreeTrade just yet i’m afraid but, UK Monthly div stocks are rather scarce.

Best thing, build your own monthly paying portfolio. Made a vid about it here: