Monzo Crowdfunding 2018

(Vladislav Kozub) #81

Wait until Freetrade has 1m customers and offers purchasing shares in-app. At least these will be equal conditions :slight_smile:

(Emma) #82

And it’s over :exploding_head:

20 characters :angry:


:heart: £2,038,459 from our existing investors
:stopwatch: £17,961,551 in just 2 hours and 45 minutes today
:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: £6,881,389 in the first 5 minutes today
:running_woman: £2,940,760 in 60 seconds during the fastest minute

2,457 investors from previous rounds invested again, and we welcomed more than 33,549 brand new investors today!

(Andrew Clark) #84

As a previous investor I didn’t think this looked like it was going well after the pre-sale days (only £2m), then I had a look at ten past ten. Flipping heck. That love that users have for the company, the only other place I’ve seen that is on here!


Such a small number of investors considering the 1.2 million customers?


Seems like a healthy amount of app users. Nearly as many investors as forum users, wonder if everyone will have a investor badge now :joy:

I’m interested in seeing how it breaks down in terms of investors who purchased 1 share, and investors who purchased the full 259 shares.

(Denislav) #87

Well, I missed it. :frowning: :sob: I was sleeping as I was nights last night and I did not wake up. What a shame. So much money in such a short time, magical.




No such thing as bad publicity!

(Tommy Lowe) #90

I’d also be interested in seeing how many ended up buying shares with their overdraft after all the fuss…

(Rob N) #91

I imagine they’ll come out with a favourable statistic of how low the use of overdrafts was for the raise :+1:t3:

I think there were adequate warnings for investors in the questionnaire before investing.


I’m also interested but I’m not starting that up again over on Monzo’s forum. Kept getting @ mentions from some users, then no replies to my basic questions. In my view whatever approach Monzo would have used would be circumvented if the investor wanted to use overdrafts. The Times also changed how they reported it afterwards.

I’ll ask the same basic question here.

How would you block the overdraft being used for investing?


After this Monzo raise I’m curious as to what Freetrade might now be valued at 6 months later.

Where we are now compared to May 2018:

  • We have a live app
  • We have 1,000’s of active customers
  • We have many 1,000’s more on the waiting list
  • We have ISA’s
  • A growing stock universe
  • Revenue generation (don’t know £ size though)
  • We have assets under management (again don’t know £ size)

Do we think we are valued at +50% or more (or less?)

(Tommy Lowe) #94

Adam said last week that they were planning another round of funding in Q1, so we shouldn’t have to wait long to find out :+1:

(Kenny Grant) #95

They could have disallowed a purchase of shares which would directly take the account below 0. I think that’d be reasonable gesture, of course it would not stop people who are determined to use debt to buy shares, but that’s fine. In retrospect they should not have had that line in the prospectus, and should just have disallowed directly using the overdraft for share purchases, but it’s not that important and it’s a shame the Times chose to run such a misleading story.


Interesting …

I hope back end of Q1 because i’ve blown all my money on Monzo, FTSE 100 and Global stocks

Oh and Christmas!


I know you said it would be a gesture and still open to workarounds.

But imagine I transfer all my funds into a new pot ( if this is allowed ) then proceed in using a overdraft on all spending until the investment goes live. Isn’t this then circumventing it?

There is also a development cost when designing or implementing these features.

The line in the prospectus was a bit strange, unsure if they had a legal obligation to include that.

Of course I am not saying investing via debt is good.


In other news a prominent crowdfunding platform still lets you invest using Credit Cards :man_facepalming:

again don’t go into debt to finance investments

p.s. I’m meant to be biased and evangelical about all my investments, or so the theory goes :open_mouth:

(Andrew Clark) #99

Indeed. And the Financial Times stating that Monzo is more of a price-comparison website than a bank. I mean, where to even start with that statement.

(Emma) #100

Meh I’m a hypnotised member of the Monzo cult :grin:

I took all emotion out of my decision to invest, it was purely on their future potential