Monzo Crowdfunding 2018


I know that when the raise opens to the rest of monzo customers tomorrow they are limited to buy £2000 worth of shares. That might be the case with existing investors too?


It is, I think the time allocated for existing investors is why the uptake it slower so far.

(Denislav) #63

This has been a large consideration when I have considered how much to spend. Sadly, I normally spend a bit more during Christmas time just like most people and I have had to limit myself on my budget for tomorrow.

(Giridhar Tammana) #64

Can Freetrade have similar dashboards for public access, of course when it is comfortable!

  • Number of active users, with iOS and Android
  • Number of trades done (if not revealing too much on revenue)
  • and any other interesting, like coffee cups consumed

(Vladislav Kozub) #65

Drop it in ideas. I can guarantee my vote :wink:

(Vladislav Kozub) #66

Seems like they will be done by the end of today:

(Jonny) #67

About £8million in 5mins. Obviously this will slow down throughout the day, still impressive though!

(Emma) #68


(Kenny Grant) #69

They’ve done 11 million in the first 10 minutes, which is really impressive. So I now think you’re right and they’ll hit £20 million from their existing customers. Amazing!

The funny thing for Monzo is they don’t need this money and could have raised it elsewhere, but it must be comforting to see how many of their customers trust them enough to invest in their business.

Looks like fundraising in-app from customers was a good call, something Freetrade could consider for future rounds perhaps.

(Emma) #70

Got my investor flair in app instantly

(Joseph Goh) #71

It’s almost 15M

now… :laughing:

(Jonny) #72

I’ve got to say, the investors app icon is a nice touch :star_struck:


Would love to see Freetrade do something similar on the next wave of Crowdfunding :crossed_fingers:

(Rob N) #73

This raise should be good for crowdfunding in general, as loads of people who haven’t crowdfunded or even invested before will have got involved! :tada:

(Emma) #74


So impressive from Monzo


I’m very impressed, got to say I didn’t think they would hit their target. Probably get there by midday at this rate!

(Andrew Clark) #77

That’s true but have you seen the negative press in The Times and The Financial Times in the last couple of days? That’s as likely to set it back.

(Rob N) #78

Perhaps a short term set back, but I think the general publicity could actually help them. Lots of people won’t have heard of them and there’ll be lots of positive news coming out in future. The recent negative articles will be forgotten if it continues to be successful…

92% funded now! :clap:


Been fascinating to watch how fast this has moved this morning!

(Big Boss) #80

I was a fool to underestimate them! :sob: