Monzo Crowdfunding 2018

(Emma) #41

They’re playing catch up and introducing features that the neobanks have, while Monzo et al are still pushing forward with new things. There’s no innovation from the legacy banks.

The pots feature had been used by another bank before (Lloyds if I recall). They can’t call them Pots though because Monzo have trademarked it :grin:

(Jonny) #42

Here’s an obvious one by Lloyds


Lloyds has been innovating, they were the first to offer Save The Change® from what I recall.

(Jonny) #44

Yeah, since 2013 if memory serves


I think it was 2006 or 2007, it was long time ago

(Jonny) #46

Bloody hell, I obviously caught on a bit late

(Ben) #47

Round 1,2,3 investor in Monzo here - really impressed with everything that Monzo have done with our investments over the years and can only see this continuing so I’ll be investing again in R4!


Are you fully loaded in all 3? I only ask (not being nosy) because that would put you in the region of about 3,400 shares for the princely sum of £3,000.

This round if you fully load it will cost £2,000 but give you less than 8% more shares. Im interested to know if you think increasing your stake by 66% is worth it for only 7ish% increase?

(Andrew Clark) #49

If you’ve got the maximum shares so far you’ll have 1949 from the first round, 995 from the second and 434 from the third. In this new round you can buy 259 if you use up the £2000 allowance. The only question to answer is, do you think the price will go up from 7.71 or not. If the answer is yet then buy more.

For what it’s worth, there is a version of the future where Monzo gets 10 times bigger. There’s also a version where it all goes wrong. I’m betting on the former and am going all in again!

(Ben) #50

Don’t think that makes any difference to the decision now. It is just what other places can I invest the money and would they generate a higher return. Personally have great faith in Monzo and don’t see any other better investments out there.

(Andrew Clark) #51

It’s a shame that the growth slows down but equally my confidence has gone up. It’s the same with Brewdog. Those early investors got crazy returns and now the growth rate inevitably slows.

When I look at my portfolio of startups it looks more like a betting slip than an investment portfolio. In many respects I’m more comfortable with a less risky low return moving forward.


I suppose you should think of each investment round in its own right, personally I also think Monzo has a lot of growth room.

Just interested to hear peoples opinion as I am eligible for this round.

(Emma) #53

After 4 1/2 hours it’s going well :grin:

No rush at this stage, all the existing investors know they’ll be able to invest the maximum if they want. Wednesday is when it gets interesting for the rest of us :grimacing:


(Alex Sherwood) #54

Joe Carter from the Monzo community set up a dashboard earlier to track the progress of this round & I’ve added a couple of bits to it this evening.

There’s still a long way to go to get to the 20M (but obviously the round’s only open to existing investors at the moment)..

(Emma) #55


(Denislav) #56

Now, that dashboard will keep me happy. :smiley: I agree with @Rat_au_van, Wednesday is when the fun start.

I will definitely be taking advantage of the the crowdfunding. Mainly as a user and believer in Monzo. It may all work out, it may not. :slight_smile:

(Big Boss) #57

Is it me or is the crowdfunding so far going pretty slowly? :thinking:

I know it’s open to existing investors only but I would have expected things to be moving much faster.

I think Freetrade did better in 24h…


It might all happen at 9.59 tomorrow morning.

(Emma) #59

I did think it would be a lot more but it’s almost Christmas and the shares are 3x the price of the last round. Also all the problem with COps waiting times at the moment make some wonder how they’re going to scale.

(Kenny Grant) #60

I think it’s about as expected for me. There were only around 7k total existing investors and not all are going to participate, especially when they see how many shares they’ll get compared to previous investments (shouldn’t have an impact, but I suspect it will - I was a little shocked how much the price has grown). Last round (late 2017) only had half investors take up their option to buy more. The interesting bit will come when anyone can invest, I’m really interested to see how much impact having it in-app will have - with notifications in people’s feeds that’s going to reach a lot more people, however I guess most would be in the £20-£100 range.

I’m still skeptical they can reach £20m, but even £15m invested by existing customers would be great for building their brand loyalty I think - there is something about owning a piece of a company that makes people great ambassadors for it.

It would be really nice to see future Freetrade rounds done this way, without having to leave the app (even if crowdcube is used behind the scenes), or just to see existing freetrade shares within the app would be a nice touch I think either in profile or optionally in holdings.