Monzo 📱 🏦

It would be good to have in the app. I am not sure where I would buy it now.

I’d be intrigued to see how Freetrade deal with the IPO process with Monzo. I imagine a lot of us here are shareholders already of some sort.

Tom mentioned IPO in the next 3-5 years at a recent event.


Noice… do you have a link for that? Sounds delicious :slight_smile:

Think it was on this one:

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Anyone got a spare 1.5 million to spend?

Edit: link was killed off really quick…

11mins as a time check for anyone interested

What was on the link?

Someone selling 140,000 Monzo shares at £13 each.

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Are they IPOing?

CEO said it’ll be years away, it’s been guessed at 3-5 years on here.

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Gives some time to save and put some money aside at least :joy:

Although I chose Starling over Monzo as they seemed better in most ways, I might just get a Monzo account alongside it as I’m not having a great experience with Starling :unamused: (will still be keeping Starling for the better benefits).

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What’s the problem you’re having with Starling? Been with them for over a year myself and can’t fault them.

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I’ll PM you as I’d rather not say it out in the open.

I signed up for Starling because it has better features. They even have EUR accounts.

I’ve found Starling absolutely brilliant.

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Focusing on different things imo.


What is Monzo focusing on? They have no USP

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And yet growing at an astronomical rate.

Monzo seems to be ahead of the game with there IFTTT support.