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Wise has IPO’d.

If Starling Bank were to announce an IPO, would you buy. Also would you wait for the IPO hype to settle down, then buy?

Paging @CashCow


I’d probably get in before the IPO via a trust holding Starling

Don’t Goldman Sachs own a big chunk of Starling? Would it ever IPO or would they just absorb it as a sub-brand?

It’s easily my favourite bank and I do have a Monzo account too. Starling have my personal and business banking. I’d have my LISA with them too if they offered them! I’m wary that they may have only made money from offering covid business loans on behalf of the government - I don’t know how profitable they are beyond that?

I’d always wait for the IPO hype to settle down. Has any big name IPO (or SPAC) even managed to maintain its price yet?


I would want to buy and similar to @CashCow I love there product and easily my favourite bank but IPOs are not my lucky strategy in buying :rofl:


Anyone considered chrysalis investments in relation to holding starling?

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I have an account with them and they also make money now if you pay cash in to the account at the post office.

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I’m not sure if they make any profit on that or if it’s just covering their costs?

I doubt Starling make money from post office deposits. Maybe on business deposits.

I think it was actually a bad move to charge 0.7% on over £1000 for personal account deposits. cash might not be big these days but it wouldn’t be uncommon to occasional get over £1000 in cash in a year. I have no incentive to use Starling when i can use RBS for free. and their early neobank app advantage has quickly disappeared.

They have made a good move to get into business banking though, as far as i know their offering is decent.



They shut that do so quickly, I didn’t think they gave it time to do very much of anything

I don’t understand what you mean,can you explain how Starling would make money at the PO if for example I paid £100 into my account. I am with Monzo and it is hopeless at the PO

As far as I can tell they’ve integrated those features into their main banking app.

There’s a few things they don’t have that sterling does. But on the same point there’s a few things the big banks have in their apps that starling doesn’t.

And if you take NatWest for example they seem to be pushing out a new feature almost monthly. So that’s what I mean about the early advantage disappearing

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You can pay in £1000 a year free after that you are charged a percent fee to pay cash in to your account.

‘We’ might not be able to buy but they raised more money in the masters series D funding round.

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I might buy if I new what a IPO is, mmmm this Ingenious postal omerta sounds intriguing

More often than not, you can usually get shares in a company that IPO’s cheaper days later.

I’d save your money and buy IPA instead. (Not financial advice, also much nicer to drink)


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Fuck Brexit.

I’m not an investor but I am a very satisfied customer (business and personal). I really wanted them to expand, grow and overtake the UK’s legacy banks.