Monzo 📱 🏦

I’ve had the invitation today too… It seems you need to have the full transaction amount available in your balance first before you can use it, to then get a refund? I guess its a clever way to get people to leave more money in their accounts?

That is true now, but won’t be the case soon as they are implanting Virtual Flex Cards so won’t need the full amount in your account. It will be a bit closer to a credit card in that respect.

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It’s magnificent,I tried it and it was so simple. I only had one payment I could backtrack to £140 and once I took out the offer it takes the first payment immediately. I love it.

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Their implementation of personal loans is very slick as well.

Having had loans with various incumbents I can say it’s a cut above the rest.

It has all the tools you need in app (like being able to easily see your upcoming payments/interest rates/terms and being able to manage it with a built in calculator which let’s you see how instant over payments or different actions can change the course of the loan).

It feels like it is giving you the tools to help and improve your lot, unlike natwest who needed days to tell me how much it will cost to settle the loan, then needed a phone call to process it and then they still smack you with nasty overpayment fees on your way out. The only people they are helping is themselves.

The Monzo loan is very very smooth.


Just discovered something else. You can flex more than one payment over the previous 14 days. It just keeps getting better. :+1::grinning:


N26 raised $900m with a valuation of $9bn. Could give us a clue of Monzo’s valuation before we get a funding round

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Monzo seems to be so undervalued versus peers. Think the VCs that invested through pandemic got a steal.


Agreed - disappointed that existing crowd investors didn’t get any opportunity to take up pre-emption rights it was really attractive price.


I am not sure what the recent numbers for Monzo are - but I’m sure they are not far from the N26 possibly around 6-6.5m - however, the potential markets Monzo has access to is very limited at the moment. Would love for Monzo to have the same valuation - it certainly deserves it.

The BNPL model could help its valuation a lot - travel and some normality in daily life will make a big difference to its direction. Plus/premier metrics, as well as their business take-up will be interesting.

Looking forward to hearing some metrics coming out in the FY22 investor reports.

Lack of interest in crypto could be a problem - especially with their demographics.

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As an investor, I would love for Monzo to have a similar valuation. However, N26, Revolut etc. are live in dozens of countries whereas Monzo is just the UK. I’m not even aware of any plans to expand to other regions. I don’t see how a similar valuation could be justified.

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The last raise was done in a rush to make sure they were funded through the pandemic, they weren’t alone. The VC’s that picked up $ABNB about 5 Months before IPO must still be pinching themselves.

N26 & Revoult should both be worth more than Monzo for their European exposure alone but is it wild to think Monzo could be worth +$7bn?

Yeah customer numbers are close and I imagine that they could have a higher percentage of ‘salaried’ customers.

definitely agree - you would expect net deposits and general level of spending to be generally higher - also there will definitely be more income from fx transactions.

If they can just partner and release in the states - that will be good. but they have so many players now there too - sadly I think Monzo will be more of an acquisition target than one that’s going to conquer the globe right now.

If the IPO happens, that would be fairly satisfying.

I just received a notification in the app that Monzo Premium and Plus customers can sign up to Freetrade and get 3 free shares between £3 and £200. I wish I wasn’t already a Freetrade customer now :rofl:

I’m glad to see more perks come with the premium account in Monzo though.