More analytics, alerts, buy/sell x price


I was wondering if there’s any thread we can request suggestions for the app? I have seen the competition such as Revolut trading and trading 212 and I feel Freetrade lacks a lot of data on the user interface.


  1. Revolut shows you in the price chart where you bought and sold.
  2. Revolut has alerts where you can set it to notify you at X price.
  3. Revolut allows you to buy at X or Y price.

Do Freetrade have these things in planning? Otherwise to me Freetrade will be just a basic trading app for beginners but won’t tap into the more trained or advanced market.

All this coming from a crowdfunding investor.

Freetrade has limit orders as part of plus.

Why wouldn’t they make it free for all users? on Revolut it is…

As someone who only invest in US equities, I struggle to think why would someone choose free trade over Revolut or Trading 212 considering they have USD accounts which Freetrade has said there are no plans for it at the moment and the exchange rate applied is better.

I like to support Freetrade and I am using it at the moment to hold my investment portfolio but I know it is costing me more than doing it through other platforms.

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Because a business needs to at least cover their costs or go bankrupt (or be run as a cross-seller). :man_shrugging:
Fortunately for you, you can easily switch to Revolut or Trading212 if they fit better for you.
The features you’re requesting are all trading features and not necessary for a long-term buy and hold investor, which is the market freetrade wants to cater to.


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