My first dividend payment

So much excitement… a whole, whopping…


I think I timed something right to get a payout so quickly!


:+1: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Don’t spend it all at once.
Seek investment advice.


Sure, that’s like a whole tin of beans or something…

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Pennies grow into pounds :deciduous_tree:


More than you get in most savings accounts at the moment


More like Jack and the beanstalk kind of thing

@Pdw Indeed, cash ISA is at 0.01% interest per annum at the moment. This works out at 1.5% of the value of the stock held at the time.


Well, @Raul it’s a tin of Tesco value beans, and not the ones with sausages in… But it’s better than nothing, and it was good to get.

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What stock was it? If you don’t mind me asking? 1.5 better than anything available :money_mouth_face:

Was it V3AM? I received a dividend payment for that today.

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For those asking, it was from iShares High dividend (£IUKD). And @Pdw my maths could be way off… It was 0.33p from about £22 worth of shares.
I sold them to buy them again in my shiny new FT S&S ISA - but on the basis of this I’ll likely get some more at some point.


Congratulations :+1:


Hi @SteveW1 Welcome!


Fantastic as you only have £1 invested :grinning:

We all start somewhere. I remember my first dividend payment was 7p and now last month alone it was £234.37; albeit that was good month


Last month was my best ever month, September is always good for me because a lot of the big FTSE 100 companies pay out, and because I reinvest the dividends it’s get slightly better ever year


I remember thinking the same thing. Wow, dividend… oh, 20p… that isn’t significant at all (early 2020).

Now I receive around £40 a month on average and reinvest them. Last month I received my largest dividend payment (around £17.50 from Shell).

As someone else said, pennies grow into pounds. My goal is to hit £3000 in dividends annually over the next couple of years. I pay for the ISA account.


So, more thought, and more actual planning instead of floundering about… And I’ve arranged a handful of stocks in my S&S FT ISA so the dividends should (if all goes to plan and the percentages play out as expected - I know they might not…) pay out around 5% of my invested total over a year. That’s how the cash ISA interest is calculated, so I’m using the same basis for comparison.

I’ve had a total of almost a whole pound so far, with a few more pennies expected next week.

I have a nice little spreadsheet to keep tabs on it all, and the really hard part is sitting and doing nothing!

Considering I get 0.01% interest in my cash ISA with the bank, that should do nicely.

*Note: My existing savings, and pension are staying exactly where they are, I’m not being silly with it all.


Yes, the really hard part is waiting - patience is needed but it’s worth the wait!

It was similar for me when I started growing my dividend portfolio - total dividends received in 2014 was £9.30. In 2020, my total was a shade over £3.8k, which pretty much covers many of my monthly bills (the intention for this part of my portfolio). My yield is around 4%.

Keep at it and keep tracking that year on year spreadsheet!


Here are my dividends with an exponential, line of best fit, and 3 month moving average.

As you can see it starts slowly but you will soon be getting over £10 a month.

FYI I started investing in Jan 2020 and invested £550 a month. Dividends were reinvested.