Nanopore Ipo

I think this company will be huge

The company’s handheld DNA sequencing device — called MinION — is the size of a cellphone, runs off a laptop USB plug and costs just $1,000, making it simpler, cheaper and faster to sequence without the need for big clinical laboratories.

Since the outbreaks of COVID-19 last January, Oxford Nanopore’s sequencing technology, which competes with California-based Illumina ILMN , has been used to support scientists in more than 85 countries, including China and more recently Brazil, to track the emergence of new variants of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Our DNA and RNA sequencing technology is well-positioned for accelerated use across multiple applications; we believe that there is huge potential for near-sample, rapid, low cost, sequencing-based analyses across scientific research, healthcare and industrial settings,” the company said.

The company also hopes to boost its rapid COVID-19 testing capability. Last year, it joined forces with the U.K. government to provide its LamPORE COVID-19 test that can determine whether a user has coronavirus in under an hour.

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