NB Global Monthly Income Fund - NBMI

This trust invests in secured corporate loans issued in USD, GBP and EUR, diversified by sector. NB aims to provide investors a regular, sustainable dividend whilst growing capital in the fund.

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Does FT directly tax the dividends of NBMI.L and by how much?

By way of an example BCPT.L is taxed 20% directly by FreeTrade at time of distribution.


Freetrade does not directly tax any dividend. As a UK taxpayer, the responsibility for ensuring the correct level of tax is paid lies with yourself.

The tax of 20% you are referring to for BCPT.L is for PID dividends which are deducted and paid to HMRC by a REIT before they are paid. It is incorrect information to say that Freetrade are taxing you. The tax has nothing to do with Freetrade.

I find this explanation here one of the most straightforward ones for PID dividends.

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Hi Jimmy,

I thought we all knew what I meant. When I wrote that FT taxes directly on behalf of HMRC, I thought thiswas a given, but perhaps this was not articulated well enough for everyone.

The link you referred me to did not answer my question.

Have you got an answer to my re-phrased question:
Does FT withhold tax on the dividends of NBMI.L on behalf of HMRC, and by how much?

I can gladly report that no tax is withheld on the trust distributions.

Instead one can report this in a tax return if applicable.

Hi. First post so apologies if this has been covered a thousand times previously.

I think this stock pays monthly dividends Anyone confirm?

I think there is a dividend payable today 14th jan 2022.

Will FT pass this dividend to me in a set period?

Will I see it in the activity log?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Gang,

Might be a silly question but I was wondering if this is investing in NB or if this is investing as part of the fund they are running?

Thanks for your help,

Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 18.36.59

You buy shares in a fund, specifically an Investment Trust.

AFAICT the company that provides this investment trust is not on any stock exchange market.

As a private, independent, employee-owned investment manager, Neuberger Berman from:

also don’t forget to read

What are peoples experiences with this company?

Only got a little holding of this at the moment but its a nice steady stream of once a month payouts with little flux in value ive found. Im planning on buying a lot more soon.


Same, I’ve just started building up a position in this recently.


What are these paying out each month per share?

Next payment is due shortly after June 14th and will be 0.648p

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Got an email about NB saying check the app but have nothing on the app anyone else had this?


Click on the silhouette in the top right.
Scroll down and click on ‘contact us’
You can see all old messages and conversations

Nothing therr

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This the email I got


Hi :wave:

You have recently received an important notification regarding your investment in NB Global Monthly Income Fund, which requires a response from you.

Response deadline is 4pm Tuesday, 28th June 2022.

Please log in to the app to view the details!

Kind Regards,


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Here you go @Peteswindon

What does this mean and why are they doing it as I see no benefit to the company, unless they buy them back at a cheaper price than the share price?

This is a cash exit facility which has been agreed. The price according to the below from their investor relations page details how it’ll be done.

Anyone can sell up to 25% of their holdings
They must have informed the company by the end of June
The price is set as NAV (Net Asset Value) -2%. This might be higher than the open market.

This was agreed at the AGM and has probably been insisted on larger institutional shareholders. I’ve not got any experience in this area so can’t tell you why these facilities exist. Maybe someone like @bitflip @Cameron @J4ipod94 @Lonli-Lokli might be able to shed more light?