New Investor - GIA or ISA Account

Hello Everyone,

First time here, new investor. Having tried a few platforms over the past month, I would like to pose the following questions. My long term goal is to build an investment of £6K in first year and £12K per year after that.

At what level of investment would you choose an ISA account (with the £3 monthly fee) over a GIA?

Other services I have seen offer free ISA accounts. What makes the Freetrade £3/month justified?

Many thanks in advance.

I would say go for the ISA. As you’ve probably seen over the past couple of weeks, ANYTHING can happen. Stocks can suddenly turn extremely volatile and shoot up and down. It’s best to be prepared for the small cost of £3 incase you make a fortune overnight :wink:

Other brokers may or may not charge for an ISA but they charge large commission fees for each buy/sell order you do… I’ve heard up to £12 for a single transaction in some case…

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Is the isa fee included in plus service ?

Yes it is.


Thanks :+1:

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Many thanks for your insight on this.

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A certain broker that offers free ISA account that you might be talking about currently makes their money from poorly regulated CFD products in order to allow their ISA to be free. In other words when their CFD customers lose money they make money. If the FCA were to clamp down on CFDs then they would lose a great deal of revenue and may have to find other ways of keeping their ISA free or start charging for it.

I have my ISA at Freetrade because it’s a simple model whereby I pay a very small ISA fee but I have more confidence that my broker is building a quality business where I can keep my ISA for a very long time frame


Thanks. It certainly seems to be such a small fee for good service.

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Also, if you hold some core dividend positions in your portfolio this technically helps pay the isa fee? (DYOR)

I mean, it really is the price of one coffee per month to be part of an awesome growing company and community.

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Very true. It is such a small amount for this.