Newbie: What shares can be traded?

I have stocks and shares ISA with iWeb but it’s terrible to use. So I have a couple of questions.

  1. How well does the app and web UI work. Is it easy? I find iWeb confusing anyone able to compare them?

  2. I am not allowed to buy some international shares with iWeb such as, NIO, XPEV, TSM etc. Do these same restrictions apply to freetrade?

Thanks for any info.

Theres no web UI as Freetrade doesnt have a website version yet (i wouldnt expect it this year but you never know)

the mobile app, i like it, it works well, theres few bugs. It doesnt have every feature in the world but they’re working on a lot of them.

Within an ISA you cannot buy certain shares, this applies no matter where you go, its a condition of the ISA and the restrictions are set by the government. Nothing stops you holding those shares in a GIA or SIPP though.


THanks. I just wasn’t clear why some Nasdaq stocks like APPL, TSLA etc I could trade but not other ones. I think it’s something to do with foreign or synthetic listings but would be nice to know what is and isn’t included.

Yeah, some ADR stocks (but not all) arent tradable on an ISA. The rules around it aren’t technically that complicated, but its not always easy to figure out quickly what isn’t eligible except that you wont see them available to trade in the ISA


It depends where the main stock is traded as I understand.

Freetrade have a spreadsheet on their site and that includes info on what is and isnt ISA eligible (its updated periodically shortly after adding new stocks) Freetrade Investment Universe - Google Sheets


Thankyou so much .Really useful.

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