NexTech AR Solutions (NTAR)

Virtual event platform

NexTech AR Solutions (NTAR) a provider of augmented reality solutions for eCommerce, Video Conferencing and Virtual Events, has today announced on 9th July that it has filed to uplist its stock to the Nasdaq Capital Market.

The company are introducing very interesting features and partnering with some big companies lately. This has a lot of upside in the AR space!

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I’d like WIMI Hologram Cloud more than NTAR.


Just had a look at this, looks super interesting! Will create a request if there isn’t one already.

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AR markets are huge, needs in future are very certain, we should keep long-term investment primarily.


Big time. NTAR is doing really well lately and they keep reporting new acquisitions, buying up other companies. Their latest quarterly report did great also! Really need a good AR stock on the app asap

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good news = crash down, good products = go up.

The AR company as you mentioned WIMI will release new AR product “SoftLight Cinema”.

Come on Freetrade! Lots of positive comments here. Losing valuable time to vet in early.

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Bullish on AR industry.

Last day fell 6%, it’s so sad.

NTAR is down a little bit today.

AR related stocks are currently priced low.