Nichols plc (Vimto) - AIM:NICL

So you’ve probably never heard of Nichols, but you likely will have heard of their flagship product if you live in the UK: Vimto.

A century old brand, Vimto is something of a national treasure in my opinion. Known for it’s unique blend of spices, herbs and fruits. Nichols also have Sunkist (UK) and Levi Roots beverages in their portfolio, but who cares?

Quite a Nick Train-esque stock (not that i rate him), and AIM listed so no stamp duty bros (or whatever your pronoun is).

Not going to go Buffet on you (my final form), but quickly: The company has a clean balance sheet, experienced executive team, and pays a healthy(ish) dividend. However, one could argue it is trending above fair value at time of writing, and has experienced a curious recent insider sell off. Furthermore, Market trends show a shift to premium soft drinks – a niche they have yet to capture.

Click here if you’re not afraid of heights

You can tell I grew up on this drink, so please forgive the bias. If you’re a Ribena type, I don’t want to know you. Remember not an investment recommendation or advice, just banter. All opinions my own. Might have been slightly drunk when I wrote this post.

I do want this stock on the app though, so please vote. Vimto for PM.

Can we have any “Ribena types” immediately sectioned please @Viktor? Vimto is the only acceptable fruit cordial, and that’s an end of it.

No Mancunian bias showing whatsoever…


We embrace diversity, including Ribena drinkers. :strawberry:

Ribena was produced GlaxoSmithKline until it was sold in 2013. I had no idea. :exploding_head:

I wish every stock request was this fun to read! We’re looking at AIM stocks already, and we’ll try to add it one of these weeks if possible.


Damn straight :muscle:

You’re dead to me.