Nintendo - NTDOY - Share Chat

If FT can no support OTCMKTS then this would be awesome to get onboard.

I think allowing users to purchase shares in Nintendo Co. is a good idea, they are looking to expand over the next few years, their share price could go up. Specifically over the next few years they are planning on operating and opening new theme parks and one of their intellectual properties is having a film made about it soon.


Hi @Unique

Thanks for the request, it’s always good practice to search before starting a new request (it not immediately clear) as in many cases there is already a request going. Keeping goes and discussions in one places help demonstrate the demand for the Freetrade team for it to be added.

I would also very much like to invest in Nintendo.


Surely this could be added via its listed on the Frankfurt market?


Might be worth a mod changing the ticker in thread title to German one.

Updated to German listing

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Thank you @NeilB

Any update in regards to the German listing of Nintendo?


I wouldn’t mind seeing this one added as well please!

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@Rajan07 @Freetrade_Team

Any updates on potentially adding the German listing on Nintendo, or if anything is preventing it?

Thanks in advance! :pray:


Would love to see this one added too!:pray:t3:

It’s only 9% away from my buy price😅

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220510e.pdf (

Earnings report which was released last week.

P.S - How much longer do I need to beg for this to be added @freetrade. If I need to bleed I’ll do it. :face_exhaling:


On track to release a new version of its Switch gaming system, Nintendo Co. is poised to beat the revenue consensus for the fiscal year ending March 2022.

Request to add Nintendo (DAX) to Freetrade.

• Nintendo has a listing in Germany and we just got access to the German market on Freetrade so :brain:

• One of the top requests here is Nintendo (OTC) but that’s likely tricky to provide, this route should be simple and easier to provide

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Any reason we haven’t got this yet? @freetradeteam @Freetrade_Team company is a 50B Market Cap juggernaut.

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Your message prompted me to have a look at the stock on the Frankfurt Börse.

Notice the turnover in units: It is 2.

Google Finance shows this too:

Gives you a clue why it may not appear on Freetrade anytime soon. (For avoidance of doubt: personally, I have nothing against it)