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With the Nintendo stock split coming up on the 4th October, will make this alot cheaper to buy so no reason not to get it added to the buy list :heart_eyes:

or at least add the NTDOY listing

As a stop gap until we get Japanese stocks, any way we could get the German listing please?

this [Request] is for the German listing. If you read the posts you may realise that this German listing hitherto has been a very low volume stock. On some days there are no trades at all. There is a post three posts above yours which shows a volume of 2 on 9 august. Maybe things might change after the split. But it is wholly unlikely that Freetrade would make available a stock which such low liquidity.

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Understood & apologies for missing that! Guess we’ll just have to be patient and wait for DriveWealth to add the US ADR or Freetrade to add Japanese stocks. Not to worry!

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Maybe if you are lucky the German vols will go up once the stock split occurs. I am sure there are loads of people like you and want to get their hands on this stock.

The issue with the US of course is that the ADR is an OTC markets stock … I know Freetrade wants to do it but as you said we need to be patient.

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Instead how about NTDOY

Is there another open request for this ?

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NTDOY is an OTC (over the counter) stock. Which is not yet available on Freetrade unfortunately.


any reason why this has been marked as completed? :thinking:

Most likely will show up on the app in the next few days I reckon.

heres hoping!

And at last it’s here. Buy buy buy :heart_eyes:


Hi everyone

To mark the arrival of Nintendo and other OTC stocks on your Freetrade app, we’re giving away a Nintendo Switch to one lucky Instagram follower.

Head to this Instagram post to take part:

Ends 31/10/22. Open to UK residents 18+. Terms: Freetrade social media competition terms and conditions. Capital at risk. Always do your own research.



Did you guys send out an email as well? Gmail marked it as dangerous and put it in my spam folder, just fyi


My email came through without an issue


We did, thanks for letting us know. Unaware of any issues with the send but will check again.

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