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Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company headquartered in Kyoto.

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Nintendo would be great for the brand itself but it could also segway into other Japanese stocks!

I think overall it’d be a solid expansion.

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One of the first companies I ever wanted to invest in! :smile:


Gotta catch um all. :sauropod::t_rex::lizard::snake::turtle::unicorn::bat:


How many votes does it usually take for a new symbol to be listed? Noticed this was posted in Nov ‘18 :sweat_smile:

These votes are not binding (i.e. advisory :wink: ), they are needed to indicate the popularity of a stock. The issue with many, for example, Nintendo, is their presence on other exchanges than UK and US. Until Freetrade gets access to Tokyo Stock Exchange, even 1000 votes will not guarantee the availability of Nintendo and others.

That said, Freetrade are working on an investment platform that will allow them to get easier access to other exchanges and there may be a chance that TSE will be added this year. But nobody knows for sure :slight_smile:


BOTW2 gonna make it jumppppp


You can vote for it here


Have wanted Nintendo shares since I started investing a few years ago. :jp:


Return of the Gameboy

Edit: It’s not Nintendo itself


An innovative company with a wide, solid base of followers worldwide, bound to grow further in this period of forced isolation

@Freetrade_Team posted in the Tencent thread suggesting that OTC stocks are not planned soon.

I hold NTDOY on Schwab.

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@Han Am I reading this right, schwab requires you to have 25k to open an account?

I think so. I’m not too familiar with current requirements because I opened my account 10 years ago.

This seems bad.

Oh wow, that is not good.

Is this going to trigger GDPR concerns for any affected EU customers? Might be an incoming fine if they have handled it incorrectly.

I truly believe in Nintendo and would love to have some shares :slight_smile:

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Pay Tom Nook. Nintendo beats estimates. Up ~5%.


I can see from other DriveWealth based operations that OTC markets are not well covered. Therefore your chance of seeing NTDOY on FT seem small. :slightly_frowning_face:

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