MEGATHREAD: Dutch stocks 🇳🇱

Hi everyone,

Another week, another country - our European rollout continues and Dutch stocks have landed on your app today! :netherlands:

You now have access to some more of the world’s most famous companies including brewing powerhouse Heineken, sat-nav maker TomTom and investment bank ABN AMRO.

Like other markets, we’ll be making the largest Dutch stocks by market cap, those that feature in the Amsterdam 25, accessible to all customers.

In order to access the full list of stocks you will need to be a Plus member. Details on how to upgrade today can be found here.

Freetrade is one of only a few platforms to enable UK retail investors direct access to the European market, rather than having to invest via a CREST Depository Interest (CDI).

Keep your eyes peeled as more European markets will be added over the coming weeks.

The full list of Dutch stocks is below and you can find them on the Discover tab of your Freetrade app now.

Capital at risk, your investments may go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount you invested.

Ticker Stock Only for Plus
AALBa Aalberts NV Plus
ACCELa Accell Group NV Plus
ADa Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize NV Free
ADYENa Adyen NV Free
AKZAa Akzo Nobel NV Free
ALFENa Alfen Beheer BV Plus
AMGa AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV Plus
APAMa Aperam SA Plus
ARCADa Arcadis NV Plus
ASRNLa ASR Nederland NV Free
BAMNBa Koninklijke BAM Groep NV Plus
BESIa BE Semiconductor Industries NV Free
BFITa Basic-Fit NV Plus
BOKAa Boskalis Westminster Plus
CRBNa Corbion NV Plus
DSMa Koninklijke DSM NV Free
ECMPAa Eurocommercial Properties NV Plus
FLOWa Flow Traders Plus
HEIAa Heineken NV Free
HEIJMa Heijmans NV Plus
HEIOa Heineken Holding NV Plus
JDEPa JDE Peet’s NV Plus
KPNa Koninklijke KPN NV Free
LIGHTa Signify NV Free
NNa NN Group NV Free
PHARMa Pharming Group NV Plus
PNLa PostNL NV Plus
PRXa Prosus NV Free
RANDa Randstad NV Free
SBMOa SBM Offshore NV Plus
SLIGRa Sligro Food Group NV Plus
TOM2a TomTom NV Plus
TWEKAa TKH Group NV Plus
VPKa Koninklijke Vopak NV Plus
WHAa Wereldhave NV Plus
WKLa Wolters Kluwer NV Free

Congrats to the Freetrade team. :heart:


I’m sure this will have been said before… but does no one else think that this whole “we’re” releasing an arbitrary amount of stocks/market is getting a bit tired already?

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Congratulations. :hugs::100::blush:

The only thing I know in Dutch is ook ik which I believe is me to.

90% of my linguistic prowess outside of English is in Romanian, but I had a go.

great job!

It’s just the start no? What exactly were you expecting?

I’d rather they add all the large caps before drilling down into the smaller caps in each country IMO if that’s your angle?


I don’t. I think it’s a valid, reasonable, sensible approach: one market at a time, with the biggest, and likely more popular, companies of said market. This way work in progress becomes visible when delivered. Which I think is a good thing. The train is moving

An alternative approach would have been to open all the markets, with all the stocks in one go, which would take longer to deliver and possibly would tie up more working capital. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad approach.


No angle my dude… just wondering what purpose it serves to “release” a dozen companies when the whole market is about 190 companies in total?!? Same with Finland…

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Nope, just you. Every country, every stock, is one step closer to world domination and the IPO that will buy me a castle/yacht/twix (delete as appropriate)


Right enough some progress is better than no progress. Why do we think working capital is tied up though?

Congratulations Freetrade :confetti_ball:


Another few :mans_shoe::mans_shoe::mans_shoe: forward :clap:t3::muscle:t3:I would have done clogs / klompen but no emojis :rofl:


It would possibly, and I repeat possibly, tie up more working capital because it would possibly require more staff, hence more wages and more tax to be paid. If no more staff were employed, the working capital would not increase that way, but the time for delivery would expand, and with that increase in time required to deliver… makes sense?

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Not really… this idea assumes that the increase in stocks necessarily means more people would need to be employed. Not belittling your reasoning here I just think that the amount of users is the only thing that should increase the amount of staff. I also suspect that the “release” of stocks is nothing more than an immature marketing thing. I think it takes them a set amount of working hours to add each entity to their systems and then that’s it. They just sit back and collect fees.

For example, why is Universal Music not included when it’s listed in Amsterdam?


Time and effort is my guess. I’m guessing the process isn’t entirely automated (in fact we know some of it isn’t as often data has to be manually fixed after a change to a stock), so there’s a cost involved to onboard each new stock.

They can add all companies and we’ll see it in 6 months, or they can add a handful at a time and push out the new market quicker which looks better in the news


Nice work, this is much better :raised_hands:


This is awesome. Great job team!

Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until ADYEN becomes fractional, or the shares split, before moving my holdings to FT because the €1,800+ unit cost is prohibitive. It’s also a shame not to have access to the Amsterdam listing of ASML, but at least we can buy fractions of the ADR.


In cases where a stock was previously available on Freetrade via a US listing (such as NASDAQ: ASML), will you provide the non-US listing as well (AMS: ASML). Does it make much difference which one you invest in, for example dividend taxation or other factors?

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There would still be the fx fee when buying and selling. The dividend withholding tax for AMS listed stock is also 15% I believe.

We don’t have yet fractional shares (and limit orders for EU), so that may also be something to take into consideration - not sure I would be able to afford 1 whole AMSL share at the moment :sweat_smile:.